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TCB Holsters – Taking Care of Business, and Customers

The first impression of TCB holsters are of toughness, strength, and durability. This impression is largely the result of TCB’s use of thicker Kydex than is typical in other holsters, but this impression is not simply cosmetic. TCB holsters are solidly built and over engineered. They are intended for rough use and it shows. The holsters are assembled using easily twice as many rivets as are strictly necessary, which reduces the stress on the Kydex, allowing for a long life in abusive conditions.

They are certainly handsome holsters, especially with custom color and graphics options, but these are not barbeque holsters. They are made to land on the ground with the weight of a grown man behind them. They are made to survive the impacts and abrasion of combat.  Jason Slisz, the owner of TCB also has a commitment to first rate customer service.

The Alpha

The Alpha model is primarily intended to be worn outside the pants, although inside the pants loops or clips can be attached to it. It is a large holster designed to spread the weight of a full size pistol across a large segment of belt. This design easily accommodates a weapon mounted light, if desired. The Alpha’s emphasis is on durability and comfort, not on concealment. It is certainly possible to pull a long tailed shirt or jacket over it, but this is not a concealment holster by any means. Worn as intended, the slightly curved profile causes the belt loops to lock in solidly to any sufficiently stiff gun belt and the holster cannot slide out of place. A pistol snaps into place and is held securely until it is needed.

Like most Kydex holsters, the retention is strong and requires significant force to draw but once that force is overcome, the pistol pops out with no drag whatsoever. The amount of retention is not user adjustable but Jason is happy to make the holster to whatever standards you specify. Options such as cant, degree of retention, draw side, and size of sweat guard can be changed at no additional cost. TCB has a respectable collection of molds for most firearms and lights/lasers, but if you have a unique gun, they will make a custom holster for you. So long as it is not something ridiculous like a Desert Eagle or Serbu Super Shorty, they will usually do a custom holster for the same price. If it is something unusually large or otherwise complicated, they will be happy to make a custom holster for just a little more than the standard price.

Custom work obviously requires that you ship them your pistol, but turnaround is fast (usually less than a month) and federal law does not require you to receive your own handgun through a licensed dealer so the holster and handgun can be shipped directly back to you.

The Bravotcb holsters

The Bravo is a more compact, concealable holster designed to be worn inside the pants. It is likewise constructed with an emphasis on durability, though. Some might shy away from wearing a Kydex holster inside the waist band (IWB). That certainly sounds uncomfortable. There is no argument that for “normal” activities, a Crossbreed Supertuck is more comfortable, but there are times when leather or hybrid (leather and Kydex) holsters are less than ideal. If you have ever worn an IWB holster while doing strenuous activities like yard work in Phoenix, you can quickly discover that leather becomes much less comfortable when wet. That wide expanse of leather that distributes weight so beautifully and makes the gun ride easy when you are at rest in AC traps a great deal of sweat when things heat up. Your undies bunch and the edges of the leather can begin to dig into your thigh.TCB bravo 2 Of course, that moisture is no good for the leather, either.

That does not mean that the Supertuck and holsters like it are bad holsters. Not in the least. You simply need to dress for the conditions. Anyone who has been carrying a gun for some time probably has a drawer o’ holsters. Some of them were mistakes, like all those cheap Uncle Mike’s “universal” nylon holsters, while others are good holsters but only suited for certain situations. If you arise in the morning and plan to be active but still want your carry gun to be discreet, this is the holster you will want to choose.

Like the Alpha, the Bravo is constructed of thick, tough Kydex and offers the positive retention common to Kydex holsters. Also like the Alpha, it is available in a variety of colors and TCB will make it right or left handed, with whatever cant you wish, and for whatever pistol you choose at no extra cost. It is also available with soft leather loops, if you prefer, for $15 more. The holster shown in the photos is a subtle redesign from the earlier version of the Bravo that includes an improved belt clip.

Custom Worktcb holsters mag pouch and sheath

TCB’s website is Spartan in design, which makes it easy to determine what you want, and what it will cost, but it might not be readily apparent how much variation is possible. Their products are not limited to two pistol holster designs and a few magazine pouches.

TCB will make a holster, sheath, or pouch for virtually anything. Their pricing for custom work is consistent with the pricing for their production work, too. It should be obvious that they cannot state up front what they will charge for TCB hatchetcustom work, but if you email photos of the implement for which you want a sheath, scabbard, or holster, along with a description of how you would like it made, Jason can give you a fairly accurate estimate of what it will cost.


Andrew Betts served with the Arizona National Guard for over 12 years, including a tour to Afghanistan. Visit his YouTube Channel for more great shooting information.


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