Gun Cleaning 101

Here is a good guide to Gun Cleaning 101. If you got guns you got to clean them – at least every once in a while. I found a good video to give you an intro to what you need to know about gun cleaning. I agree with a lot of what he talks about.

Carrying a Second Gun

Do you carry a second gun? Maybe you should consider a backup gun. Massad Ayoob talks in the video we found about why you should  consider it.

The Truth about Magnum Handgun Calibers

By Home Defense Gun staffer Mike If there was ever a family of handguns that was immortalized in a Hollywood movie, it would have to be the Magnum handgun calibers. Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character was probably responsible for most of the sales of the behemoth 44 Magnum handgun since 1970. Over 40 years later, […]

3 Places for a Handgun

Found a great video by Clint Smith on the 3 places for a handgun.  If you are not carrying your pistol in one of the 3 places; you are wrong. In the holster, if the pistol is not needed it should be kept in the holster, safe and secure.  You should be able to draw […]

Carjacking Defense

We are probably at our most vulnerable driving in our cars. Here is a great video about what to think about and what to do to aid in carjacking defense. As always, number one is to practice conflict avoidance and situational awareness. Leave yourself always an out and keep your eyes open about what is […]

Mastering Trigger Control

One of the key parts of firing a weapon, in this case a pistol is mastering trigger control.  I stumbled across this nice little video on the subject. A couple areas I would like to emphasis: You want to practice working the trigger until you know by feel that one more millimeter of pressure will […]

Your First Home Defense Handgun

This is a guest post from Steve Dailey   You’ve reached that point where you feel you need to own a firearm; a home defense handgun to protect yourself, property, and family… whatever the case may be. How do you start the process; because the act of picking your first pistol can be an overwhelming […]

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