The Best Handgun

We found a great video that takes on the question of what is the best handgun. Drum roll please….it is the S&W Model 686 Plus Revolver.

Picking the Right Gun for Your Spouse

  Well, really we mean don’t pick the gun for your spouse. Your spouse should pick out their own gun. Remember what is a good gun for you may or may not be a good gun for them.

What Not to Do When Shooting Semi-Auto Pistols

Your grip is extremely important when shooting semi auto pistols. Not just from a marksmanship and accuracy viewpoint ,but rather also from a safety point.

Don’t Make These Common Concealed Carry Mistakes

Concealed carry mistakes can happen to everyone all the way from the newest newbie to the person who has been carry for years.  As we have said before, you don’t know what you don’t know. You might not have been taught or told a critical element.

Glock’s Pocket Pistol

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Glock’s Pocket Pistol The ebb and flow of gun design has always interested me. For some reason the gun industry likes to take a concept, fuss with it, rework it and redefine it until the initial guns in the genre have little resemblance to their current brethren, at which […]

5 Handguns You Should Own

We found a good video on 5 handguns you should own.  Now this isn’t my list but it’s a good discussion of different types of pistols.

7 Considerations for Buying a Handgun for a Woman

  We’ve talked before that men and women are different and have different needs and considerations when buying a handgun for women.

What is the Best First Handgun for a Woman

One of the big questions we get is what is a the best first handgun for a woman. Well it can depend on a few things.  The size of the woman, her experiences with firearms, where she lives, etc.

The Facts about Aftermarket Handgun Sights

Well, I will say it at the beginning that I am not a big fan of adjusting the sights on a pistol or even aftermarket handgun sights. Now don’t get me wrong. I think they can make you a better shooter and aid in certain conditions.

7 of the best 9mm Handguns for Home Defense

We found a great video on 7 of the best 9mm handguns for home defense. Now this is one guy’s opinion but he does list some good and bad of each one. It is worth going through.

The Keys to Accurate Shooting

We found a great video that talks about the keys to accurate shooting. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it’s important to know what works and what doesn’t.

The Facts on Handgun Lights

There is a lot of information out about handgun lights. You can read about all sorts of different types you can mount on your home defense pistol. 

How to End Holster Problems

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester I constantly get asked by new and experienced shooters about holsters, the carry position of a firearm, and different retention devices on the market today. Living in the modern gun era in our nation we are blessed with a plethora of companies who manufacture excellent holsters. Which […]

What You Need to Know about the Taurus Judge for Home Defense

If you hang around home defense people at all you are going to hear about having a Taurus Judge for home defense. Some love them, some think they are a joke. We found a good video that covers the Judge. 

3 Great Colt Pistols for Home Defense

By Home Defense Staffer Cindy 3 Great Colt Pistols The first name in handguns that I remember recognizing is the Colt. While learning about the taming of the Wild West through reading and watching movies, the Colt .45 captured my attention as a youngster.

What You Need to Know About Pocket Carry Guns

The best gun to have is the gun you have when you need it. While a big bore auto with a huge magazine is preferable when going against a threat; you might not be able to have that with you. For these occasions, pocket carry guns are a good alternative.

M1911 Conditions of Carry

You might not have a M1911 or even a .45 but it is a good idea to understand the conditions of carry.

9mm or .45 ACP – One Perspective

9mm or .45 ACP, that is the question. You are going to get a lot of arguments for one or the other. The reasoning might be stopping power, overpenetration, underpenetration,  or magazine capacity.

Is the Backpack Cannon the Answer?

If you want to take out a rapid bear or a hopped up home invader, the new Smith and Wesson Backpack Cannon might be the handgun for you. This is one big pistol that shoots one big round. The official name of the revolver is the Performance Center Model .460.

Is 10mm Too Much for Home Defense?

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Is 10mm “Too Much”? There seem to be two camps when it comes to the utility of 10mm. There are those who believe it to be God’s second great gift to mankind, the first being the 1911, which was bestowed through His prophet, John Browning, peace be […]

What You Need to Know About Plaxco’s Shooting Principles

I stumbled across an excellent book “Shooting from Within: A Guide to Maximum Performance” by J. Michael Plaxco a former USPSA national champion and gunsmith who was employed by Smith and Wesson for a number of years. This isn’t your normal shooting book of drills.

How to Load and Unload a Revolver

Since we talked about loading and unloading a semi auto in the last post, we are continuing along with how to load and unload a revolver.

How to Load a Handgun

How to load a handgun might seem really simplistic for those who have been shooting for years and years, but it can be really intimidating for newbies starting out.Especially out on the range; no one likes to look stupid and worst do something unsafe.

The Power Stance for Defensive Handgun Shooting

You can get into endless debates with people over isosceles versus weaver stances. The stance you really need to have is a combat, power stance.

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