Shotguns for Home Defense – Myth and Reality

Here is another post on shotguns for home defense because I keep hearing a lot of misconceptions about them.  Shotguns are good home defense shotgun for home defenseweapons to a certain extent but they do have limitations.

Here is a summary of the excellent, well rounded video:

  1. Racking a shotgun is not a way to scare away people. It will not deter a determined attacker and either means that you brought an unloaded weapon to a gun fight or that you wasted a round.
  2. You can miss with a shotgun. Shooting a shotgun is like any other weapon. You have to aim and it takes practice on the range to be proficient with it.
  3. Birdshot does not stop overpentration. It will go through walls just as easy.
  4. Shotguns don’t automatically drop people.  Many attackers can and will continue to advance after being shot once.
  5. You don’t need to cut the barrel for a tighter pattern.  If that’s what you want, use a slug.
  6. Low penetration means low power.
  7. Think about a 20 gauge especially for a woman or a youth.
  8. Shotgun sights are set for 100 yards. That means you will shoot higher closer in.  People have a tendency to shoot high in combat anyway. Aim lower.

Check out video below and let us know in the comments your thoughts and tips on shotguns.

Make sure you get the download on patterning your shotgun – Click here.

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