What to Do After the Shooting Stops

You have an intruder in your house and you end up shooting them. You are walking down the street and someone threatens you with a gun, Crime Sceneyou end up shooting them.  You need to know what to do after the shooting stops.

Watch the whole video, this could make the difference whether you have your freedom or not after an incident like this.

Write/type this list up on an index card, laminate it, and keep it in your wallet/purse. When the stress and adrenaline hits you. You won’t remember this stuff in your head.

Five Points of a Shooting Aftermath

1. “Officer this man/woman attacked me”
2. “I will sign the complaint”
3. Point out evidence. Evidence being handgun, spent casing, knife, deadly object
4. Point out witnesses there. i.e. security cameras, people etc.
5. “Officer you will have my full cooperation within 24 hrs after speaking with an Attorney”
6. I added this cause some of you nuts don’t believe this. Watch your attitude when speaking to the police and If the cop asks you for ID, just give it to him. This is serious shit and now’s not the time to scream and rant about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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