Scan and Assess

When you are involved in a shooting incident there is a tendency to get tunnel vision. stop and assessInstead you need to keep your head about you and scan and assess. It is all about situational awareness.

It is perfectly understandable. You just took deadly action on an immediate threat. You do need to watch the threat to make sure it is no longer a threat.

Then you need to break the tunnel vision to look to the left, right and behind you.  This is to make sure that the area is safe.  Only after you are sure the area is safe, do you holster your weapon.

To make sure you do this in a real situation, you need to develop the muscle memory. Practice this on the range – engage a target, look left, look right, and look behind you (keeping the weapon pointed downrange). Then holster your weapon and do the drill again.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments what you do as part of your scan and assess.

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