How to Be Safe at Home Part 2

Continuing on with the how to be safe at home theme, here is another video that extends on with advanced safe room at home

I like the discussion on using cover and how to use angles as your advantage. At the same time, make sure you understand how ricochet rounds perform.  Also you need to be situationally aware of your bullets will go if and when you have to engage a threat.  This should all be part of your plan.

If you have an alarm or are thinking of an alarm, watch the advice on incorporating it into your home defense plan.

There is a great section on how to and how not to answer the door. Make your spouse and children watch that part. One of the best phrases is that shooting in your house is much different than shooting on the flat range. Here is a good guide to get you ready.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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