Preventing a Home Invasion – Don’t Answer the Door

You hear a knock on the door at 2am or even 10pm.  The first thing you should not do is open the door.  The key in preventing a home home invasioninvasion is not to give your attackers an advantage.

We found a great video by Masad Ayoob on what not to do and what to do in preventing a home invasion.

Here is a little synopsis of the video:preventing a home invasion

  1. Get a close circuit camera and place it where you observe who is outside your door. At the least, get an intercom where you can ask the person or people what they want.
  2. Give yourself some distance between you and the door when ask them what they want. Change positions as you talk with them. Gauge their responses as to what makes sense.
  3. Have a cell phone and a firearm on you and ready.
  4. Finally don’t open the door!

Check out the video.  Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions or questions.

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