I wish I had knew this before

We all remember the horrible scenes from the 9/11 attacks, the Orlando shooting, the Paris attack, etc… We are all sad about all those innocents victims who did not managed to save their lives!

We all heard about so many people got lost in the wild or the desert and then found out dead because of starvation! We also heard of those got killed by wild animals, or fell in quick sand and couldn’t manage to escape!

Actually the tragedies that humans are facing almost have no end, and the number of victims is very high!

Sure no one of us wants to be in such difficult situations but what in case this happened to you what would you do?

Do you think you can escape a mass shooting? Do you think you can survive a plane crash? What about if your car is sinking and you are stuck in it? In case a mountain lion appeared while you were in the wild, what would you do?

Even at home your life can be in danger! Imagine if a fire caught up your house, how would you react? What if the door wouldn’t open for you? What would you do in this case? Or in case you took off to the roof? How would you manage to land on a safe place from there?

The answer might sound difficult to you and the situation might sound frightening, but here’s a short story that will change your mind about the way you are looking at life threats!

The story
In August 21st 2015 and at 5:45 pm an armed man holding an AK-47 walked out from the toilet of a train station in the Arras region in France. The train standing by in the station was heading from Amsterdam to Paris. The guy was planning to kill as many people in the station as possible and he had started firing his arm!

Death toll
You might think in a crowded station and using an AK-47 at least 50 people would be killed! But the man only fired 2 shots and only 2 people were injured! No deaths registered!

What happened?
The terrorist was disrupted by 3 Americans were in holiday! The 3 American men once they saw the armed man, they chose to fight! Instead of hiding or running away letting the armed man killing dozens for innocent people, they chose to fight him. They tackled him, disarmed him, and paralyzed him!

Who are these heroes?
The 3 Americans are a college student, a member of the Air Force, and a member of National Guard!

Special skills
This incident doesn’t require any special skills or training! All what these 3 guys did was just some simple few steps anyone can do! If these steps were well known and taken by everyone being caught in a mass shooting many lives would be saved! These same steps could save dozens of people who were killed in the Orlando shooting!

Instead of mourning the victims, the whole world was thankful to these 3 heroes who were honored by the mayor of the Arras city, as well as by French president Francois Hollande and praised by American President Barack Obama!

The secret steps
As for this story, any other threatening situation has some steps to follow in order to survive, save your life as well as others’ lives!

As you can survive a mass shooting or a terrorist attack you can survive a plane crash, you can survive a lightening strike, you can survive a sinking car, you can survive a wild animal attack, you can survive a snow storm,… period you can survive any scenario if you apply this basic rule that you can find more about it by click here

No doubt if anyone got hurt before or someone he loves, and came through this secret now he wouldn’t say “I wish I had knew this before”! This could save his life or someone else’s life! This could prevent him all the suffer!

But it’s never too late to learn! Now you have this secret in your hand and it’s time to get know it yourself and tell it to all the people you know! Click below to discover what you were missing:



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