Massad Ayoob – Shoot to live

Found a great video over on YouTube by Massad Ayoob.  If you have a home defense weapon, carry or are just thinking of getting a weapon for massad ayoobpersonal and family defense you should watch this video.

Massad Ayoob talks about a ton of topics on what happens during a shooting, how to prepare for a shooting and even what to do (and not do) after a shooting event.

A couple things that jumped out for me – how you train and practice will determine your success in a gun fight.  Under stress conditions you will fall back on what you have learned and practiced on over and over again.  Secondly you will also fall back on what you have trained your mind on how to react. For example if you have thought about what is going to happen during a gun fight and see yourself succeeding, your chances of doing that is much greater than if you see yourself defeated.  The mind is a powerful weapon.

I really like the way he calls BS on a lot of popular topics. I could on and on on what he talks about – gun selection, choice of ammo, what to do in a threat situation.  I suggest instead that you check out the video.

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