Makarov 9×18: A Gun for Beginners and Experts

By Home  Defense Staffer Cindy

I am a new fan of the Makarov 9×18 mm pistol. I was introduced to the Makarov 9 x 18 mm by my husband. It is his weapon of choice. He used Makarov 9x18this as his backup service weapon while working as a law enforcement officer.

I was prepared not to like this pistol because it is not made in the United States. The Makarov 9 x 18 mm is a Russian made gun. It is most often used in Europe by police officers. It has been a newcomer to the American gun scene, but it is quickly gaining in popularity because it is highly accurate. After seeing this gun for myself, I found myself believing that this gun is good for both beginners and experts. It is great for beginners because it is basically a point and shoot type gun. You will not miss often with it. As long as you are holding the gun toward the target you want to hit, you most likely will hit it dead on every time.

The Makarov pistol has a long history in the Soviet Union. The semi-automatic pistol was the standard military pistol in the Soviet Union for several decades. Adjustable sights and other minor changes have been made as the pistol evolved into its current model.

The Makarov 9 x18 mm is a lightweight gun, but it is larger and does not have a bad kicking recoil. If it is cleaned regularly and maintained, this gun will last a long time. However, if you find that it has gotten wet and rusted, the gun is relatively inexpensive to replace. This gun is definitely worth the price for the accuracy of the weapon that you are buying. If you buy this weapon new from the factory, it comes with a holster and two clips. The holster is just like the ones the officers wear overseas.

This gun is great for both men and women. This gun is good for concealed carry because it is of a size that will conveniently fit inside most purses. If your purse is filled with everything except the kitchen sink, like mine, you will be thrilled to find that the metal is tough, and the gun is not easily scratched.

This gun is good for target practice because the ammunition is not expensive either. A beginner needs to be able to shoot a gun repeatedly to become comfortable and confident in handling a gun and in discharging the weapon. A beginner must get used to the sound and the feel of the gun.

If you compare a Makarov  with a Smith and Wesson handgun or a Ruger handgun, the Makarov wins hands down. The Smith and Wesson is much heavier than the Makarov and is not as accurate. The Ruger is also more unwieldy and heavier. Several law enforcement officers prefer this as a duty weapon, but they are not allowed to use it as their duty weapon. They must purchase a Glock or a Smith and Wesson weapon because they have been proven not to be prone to having jams. The Makarov is also reliable, but it has not been widely tested yet in the United States.

The Makarov 9×18 mm pistol is a safe weapon to carry because the safety locks the trigger by placing a notch in the way so that the hammer cannot strike the firing pin. With the safety lever off and in the fire position, when the trigger is pulled you must put some extra effort into squeezing the trigger because the first shot actually cocks the hammer. When the weapon is discharged, the hammer is re-cocked and the gun is ready to fire the next live round. The second shot requires a lighter touch on the trigger. This gun will fire as quickly as you pull the trigger. When all bullets have been fired, the slide stays open so that you are alerted that the last bullet has been fired and the magazine needs to be reloaded.

This gun has another built-in safety feature. The magazine release lever is on the back of the handgun’s handgrip. It is located out of the way so that the user will not accidentally eject the magazine by bumping into the lever. This is a great safety feature for beginners.

Overall, the Makarov 9×18 mm meets my high standards, and in this case, seeing the gun in action made me a believer.  This gun is great for both beginners and experts. Try one out yourself, and sure as shooting, you will most likely be impressed with its accuracy.


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