How to Load a Magazine

how to load a magazine

Now how to load a magazine might seem like something you don’t have to think about when going out to the range. If you want to get full value out of your training time and money, then you should read this and watch the video we found.

When I was in Special Forces in the military, we had as much ammunition as we wanted or needed. I am guessing that most civilian shooters are limited by cost. You just don’t head out the range with several crates of 5.56 or 9mm.  You might go out with one or two hundred rounds and want to make the most of your training time.

You should think about not fully loading your magazines to give you more opportunity to practice reloading and transitions. The video below talks about rifle magazines, but you can easily do the same with your pistol loads. just load a third to a half of what the magazines capacity is and then mix them up a bit

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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