Is Bigger Caliber Always Better

bigger caliber

Interesting post over at the Beretta Blog on using bigger frame guns in smaller calibers for beginners and whether bigger calibers are always better.

A woman beginner wanted to shoot the short barreled .38 as opposed to the bigger .22.  To her the .38 looked like an easier gun to shoot:

Here is where size comes in. The .22 looks like a bigger gun, but shoots a smaller caliber bullet. The .38, with the shorter barrel would have added recoil. It also has a smaller grip and could be difficult for a new shooter to wrap her hands around. The longer barreled .22 had a full sized grip, combined with the semi-automatic features of a slide and spring, and would provide less recoil from a shot.

Now this isn’t going to go over well with the stopping power argument. At the same time, I am in favor of a beginner starting of with a pistol that they can shoot most accurately. It is the whole confidence target sort of thing.

You don’t want to start them off with a short barreled heavy caliber pistol that is going to kick like a mule. You might never get them out to the range again.

I think there are some good arguments in the post.  Check it out and leave some comments here on what you think.

Photo credit: Trevorhirst at en.wikipedia




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