How to Introduce Your Girl to Shooting

How to Introduce Your Girl to Shootinghow to introduce your girl to shooting

If you are one of the guys out there who like to shoot, it is a really good idea to introduce your lady to the shooting lifestyle. That way you and her can enjoy some time together and you can make sure she can defend herself if need be.

We found a good video that talks about some key points you should think about when you take her out there for the first few times.

You want to instill a sense of confidence first in your ability to teach her and then later on in herself. Make sure you cover all the rules of safety without scaring the heck out of her. Start slow, teach proper technique without making it a chore.

One thing I learned in the military is the idea of confidence targets. Make sure you use targets close up so that she is able to get a good group. This will keep her from being discourage and giving up. Slowly more the target out further as she develops her trigger squeeze, breathing and sight alignment.

Invest in some good eye and ear protection that is comfortable to wear. It makes a difference.

Finally I suggest you don’t make the sessions too long so that she get tired.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think women are fragile. It just makes sense to take it slow and steady at the beginning. We did the same for beginning shooters in the military, men or women.

Check out the video and let us know any other tips you might have in the comments.


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