A Free and Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting

Not everyone has the money to go to the range every day to improve your shooting let alone every weekend. Just think how good improve your accuracyyou would be with your pistol if you shot every day.

Well, the next best thing is dry firing every day.  Jason Hanson has a good post over on the Beretta Blog on the value of pulling the trigger 25 times a day.

I do at least 25 trigger pulls a day and I recommend you do the same. 25 trigger pulls will ingrain in your mind what a perfect trigger pull should feel like. If you were to take the weekends off and just do this Monday-Friday that would be 125 trigger pulls a week. Five-hundred a month. Six-thousand trigger pulls a year.

If you are regular reader of the blog you know that we are big fans of dry fire – click here for excellent dry fire cards. Dry fire is the absolute best way to get faster, smoother and more accurate.

Check out Jason’s post. Hes got a nice little setup with the way he does the 25 trigger pulls a day.

Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite drill.


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