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Home Defense Thoughts

Home is supposed to be the bastion of security, unfortunately that’s not always the case. Statistics have shown that most robberies take place during the day while you are at work.


1. Gun selection “Revolver vs. semi-auto”. It is imperative that you safely practice your home defense plan repetitiously! Under stress and fear you will revert to what you know. Make sure what you know resides in the core of your brain (the same place as riding a bike).


When you learn a new skill, it gets transferred to your RAM (temporary) memory. Only through consistent (weekly) repetitions will your nervous system react automatically  & your reaction becomes autonomic (embedded in your minds hard drive & listed as a favorite).


If you shoot on a regular basis then I highly recommend a semi-auto like a Glock. If you don’t shoot often then I recommend a double action revolver.




1. Semi-Autos have magazines that will malfunction if kept loaded and never shot. Spring tension decreases and you get a failure to feed (that’s bad).


2. Revolvers have two types. Single action & double action. Most people today go with the double action. These guns are good for people who don’t shoot often and want the piece of mind that when they press the trigger, a round will go off.


So if you shoot on a regular basis or not, go with the gun you shoot because that’s the gun your familiar with. On another note. The 1st rule of weapons safety is,”Treat every gun as if it is loaded”. ¬†This may ruffle some feathers of my more safety conscience friends, but all my guns are “Hot” meaning there’s a round in the chamber.


At our SOFAST-Jayne-Wayne clinics we start with the NRA basic pistol course. This is a stand alone course that we do not deviate from. Then we move to the self “offense” course. The reason I say that is,”self defense” is PC legal talk & it sets our students up for failure. If you find yourself in a life or death situation, violence of action is your only hope. Finally the Jayne Wayne program culminates in scenario based training.


Put it all together if you will – one example is; your home alone and wake up to hear glass breaking. We teach our students to keep their cell phone next to their gun safe (fingerprint scan opening). Call 911 & set the phone down (every thing is now recorded and legally protects you). Have a safe zone to fire at (meaning into the ground & not an adjacent room). Shooting a round will deter your assailant and let them know that you’re armed. There is other terminology that needs to be said but that is covered in our course.


The Jayne Wayne is a program for women by women only. Fear for your life and your children are powerful motivators. For more information, class dates & correspondence check out our website: SOFASTACTICS.co

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