What’s The Place of Home Defense Bow In The World of Guns?

This is a guest post by Jennifer

Just the other day, I was digging through a post on an archery forum. The members were discussing the relevance of bow and arrow in a modern world surrounded by guns.


It was a heated debate, really.

I got myself involved in the post – not directly – and just by looking at the various opinions aired, something was clear…

A large percentage of folks aren’t well informed on archery and what it entails.

So, I thought I’d put up this post to discuss with you the place of home defense bow in the modern world.


First things first:

Before we get any deeper, there’s one thing we’ll agree about the bow:

While it’s not as much powerful as the gunfire, it’s equally a deadly weapon that will kill just like your guns!

Archery was the primary weapon in warfare, thousands of years ago – think the Roman soldiers, medieval era.

You still don’t get it?

I understand. Not many people will get the effectiveness of the bow and arrow.

Actually, if you put a put this warning on your front door (This Home Is Secured By A Great Archer With The Compound Bow), this would sound laughable, even to the intruders who will go on to attack your house without a second thought.

What if you put this sign on your door – This Home Is Secured Using The 12 Gauge Shotgun plus 45 Caliber Semi-auto Pistol!

Needless to say, this will instill fear in the hearts of every criminal!


What if we could look at some of the benefits that your bow could allow you to enjoy compared to your gun?

Maybe this will make the former sign instill fear in you…


So, what benefits do you get in choosing your bow over the firearm?

  1. Silence

Yes, your guns might have that fearful factor. But let’s focus on the burglars and prowlers you’ll be facing – they like operating in the dark.

With a bow, it becomes easier for you to hide and sneak (I’m assuming you know your home more than your unexpected visitors) on them and make a few shots. The silence part combines with the darkness to ensure your attackers don’t hear or see you.

If you want to give yourself to the intruders easily, try firing at them. They’ll know your location and know where to return fire, and boy! You won’t like the consequences.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

  1. Cheaper

Yes! Compared to the guns, archery equipment is not only cheaper to use, but also safe. In these times when our economy is in shambles, you’ll agree with me that affordability is a factor you can’t ignore.

Looking at the firearm scenario, when you fire a bullet – whether it misses or hits the target – it’s gone for good. But the arrow comes with reusable ammo – whether it misses or hits the target. Even more interesting – you can reuse that a few more times before replacing it.

As if you think you don’t have enough bucks to spend on buying new ammo for your bow, don’t worry. With readily available, natural materials, you can just come up with your own arrows!

Don’t believe it? Check this tutorial

You can even cheaply exploit your arrow to create concussions next to intruders (if they’re more than one).

As for the bows, they come with incredibly lower prices than the gun. And again, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can just resort to building your own arrow (and save some bucks in the process) which will just be as useful as the store-bought model.

Can you make your gun? Definitely no!

  1. Safer To Use

Back to the post, I read: one member shared how he almost messed up with his .22 mag pistol while facing the intruders at his home…

His kids were in the next room. In the heat of the battle, an erratic bullet found its way through the wall to the kids’ room. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t land on any of them, but this made him think.

“What if the stray bullet hit one of my kids?”

To cut a long story short, he made a decision to use his compound bow for home defense and his guns far from home – probably when hunting in the woods.

I support his decision, 100%

I’ve NEVER heard a stray arrow that made it through any house wall!

You might argue that not all guns will drive a bullet through a wall… if the .22 Mag can, anything hire will do it better. Shotguns might not make it through, but that would also depend on the round.

Of course, other factors like the thickness of your house walls will come into play here.

  1. Lax Laws

This is probably the most interesting thing about the bows.

Many states don’t have strict rules regarding the bow and arrows than they are on guns. You know the long process you’ll have to undergo to obtain that gun permit, right?

As for the bows, most states don’t recognize it as a deadly weapon (so unfortunate) and will not care if you own a hundred of the different bows on the market today.

How About Adding A Tactical Flashlight To Your Home Defense Bow?

I believe this practical tip would greatly help:

When using your compound bow for self-defense, couple it with a tactical flashlight (in strobes mode).

You know how this light mode messes up with your visibility. Turn it on and toss it into the room where your attackers are (while changing your positions)  – this might be a huge plus for you.

Note: I’m not saying will work perfectly for everyone and every time. Rather, it might give a big advantage over your attackers.

 But The Bow Has Its Downside Too:

– If you don’t have archery accuracy, many are the shots you’re going to miss and your attackers might get you before you take on them.

To improve your archery accuracy, I’d suggest that you do regular practice and employ archery accessories that enhance accuracy, like the drop away arrow rest, bow sights, and so on.


– Learning The Skills

You’ll need to take some lessons on how to shoot with a bow. It might take long but once you learn, the skills will stick with you all along. You’ll just to do regular practices to keep your skills.

 My Conclusion

So, that’s it on the relevance of the home defense bow in today’s world.

After going through the above post, you’d want to reconsider the home defense bow. But don’t get me wrong; I’m not persuading you to trash your guns. No. Keep them.

But think of the silent operation of arrows in a home defense situation; the safety it offers you; affordability of archery equipment; and the lax laws on these weapons.

Wouldn’t you want to use your home defense bow next time your home is under attack?

What are your thoughts?


Jennifer is the founder of buckwithbow.com, a great blog that focuses on helping you learn how to hunt deer with a bow. As an experienced bow hunter, she will guide you through the Do’s and Don’ts of the bowhunting world and transform you into a better hunter. Whether you are an experienced bow hunter or an absolute beginner, you will find BuckWithBow a gem!

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