How to Hold Your Hands for Close Shooting Situations

close shooting

I finally found a good video on how to hold your hands for close shooting situations. I did this same kind of training while on my CQB team in Special Forces.

You come to a circumstance where the threat is so close to you that you will have to either push away or defend yourself before you go for your gun. Also, if you are going to disarm or cuff someone, you need to be able to still keep the threat covered.

NOW, before you go out to the back forty to practice this. THIS IS ADVANCED SHOOTING! You really need to do a ton of dry fire before you go out to the range. Hopefully you will find a range where you can do this. It would be even better to find an experienced shooter to walk you through this. Do not do anything you are not totally comfortable with and make sure you follow all safety rules.

It is really easy to shoot yourself in the hand with this drill. If you don’t develop muscle memory for this type of situation you might end up with your gun taken away from you.  Remember better to be slow and smooth rather than fast and miss.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments any experience you have with close in shooting.

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