Hidey Holes

The last thing I would want to happen is for my home defense gun to fall in the hands of a burglar. To have your personal weapon used in a crime against someone else is a complete loss of responsibility. So, take measure to make sure your home defense weapon does not fall into a burglar’s hands. I like the use of hidey holes.hidey hole

A hidey hole is a hiding place you have somewhere in your house that you can access quickly but is not recognizable as a hiding place to a potential gun thief. If you ever watched one of those television shows where former burglars cased a house and broke into it as a case study you would have learned that thieves want to get in and out very quickly. If you take the time to hide your weapons they will most likely move on.

A hidey hole can be only big enough for a pistol or big enough for you to enter and to store rifles and shotguns. Smaller versions include book safes that resemble a book but hold the weapon. You can also place a safe behind a picture on the wall like you see in the old movies. I tend to like safes with a keypad. That way the weapon is secure but easy to access in a hurry. Bigger rooms can be in a basement, behind bookcases, in spare bedrooms where the doorway had been blocked off.In one of my old Special Forces team rooms, we had a special room entered through a wall locker where we would have an adult beverage or two after training.

Hidey holes can be used for valuables also. Once again, I would use a safe to make sure that they are secured. Make sure the safe is bolted to the floor so that it doesn’t become a handy way for the thieves to carry off your things. You don’t like to think of your home being burglarized, but being prepared will keep you from losing your own protection.

Take a walk though your home; identify what needs to be hidden. That will give you an idea of the size you need for the hidey holey. Hidey holes are only restricted by your budget and imagination.



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