Keep Your Piece – Gun Retention Tips

If you open carry you need to watch this video. Even if you conceal carry, still take a look. A lot of people forget to train on gun carry

This is a great demo of how to keep your piece in spite of a determined attacker.  I especially like the common sense approach and explanation that a lot of the fancy moves you see just don’t work against a violent, determined assault.

One area I think they brushed over was weapon retention when you are engaging a threat.  When I was in the military, we used to train a very close quarters to hold our pistols at waist level with the non firing hand out in front us to keep our distance from the subject.  That way if the subject did reacted violently we could still safely fire.

Now when you practice on the range (if you find a range where they will let you do it) you need to start out slowly to develop muscle memory. First start as always with dry fire.  Then work on firing one handed with one hand safely out of the way.

Let us know in the comments what advice you have for weapons retention.

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