The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safe

The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safe

For over twenty years now, GunVault has been the industry leader and innovator of quick access gun safes and other security GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safe solutions for handguns. Therefore, as the leader in quick access gun security, GunVault utilizes the latest in security technology such as “biometric security” locking mechanisms which scan and recognize a fingerprint in order to open the safe or a “finger pad security” locking mechanism which allows the user to program a particular series of push buttons that must be depressed in the correct order to open the safe door along with other unique, patented features that set them apart from other manufactures of handgun safes.

GunVault produces a wide variety of safes to fit many individual needs ranging from small floor safes, to drawer safes, to briefcase safes, their super-fast SpeedVault. Also, they are constructed from heavy gauge steel with a foam-lined interior and they feature a high-strength locking mechanism as well as precise fittings that resist prying. Consequently, Gunvault has been a well known and highly respected name in the gun safe business and for the last 20 years they have been the industry leader in developing quick-access gun safes.

The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe handgun safe (which holds one handgun and one extra magazine) is a front-opening safe that The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safe would be an excellent choice for the handgun owner who wants to be able to keep their firearm close at hand and yet, also deny access to it by unauthorized personnel. However, one feature that sets the GunVault MiniVault Deluxe apart from other brands of handgun safes is the fact that it uses a highly ergonomic, “No Eyes Keypad” with tactile feedback to unlock the safe.

The safe features a spring-loaded door, an interior courtesy light, a motion detector with audio alarm, a tamper indicator, and computer-blocked access after repeated, invalid, keypad entries. Plus, the electronic key pad can be powered using an external AC power source or one 9 volt battery. Furthermore, this safe is made from 16 gauge steel, measures 12” x 8 ¼” x 5 ¼”, and is compatible with GunVault’s 1,500 lb. security cable accessory (not included).

What others are saying about this safe on Amazon:

By Bruce D. Seder:

 “I was looking for a gun safe that would allow me to store a handgun in the bedroom in a safe manner but still would allow for quick access. This safe does both of those things. It is solidly built and is well thought out for the job it was designed. (Easy to mount, inconspicuous, and even has an alarm if it gets picked up when it is armed – although I recommend mounting it to something)

Although it is electronic, the combination/latch mechanism is simple enough that I am not that worried about failure. There is also a key release. My fingers fit into the grooves very easily and the safe is very easy to program. The fact that I can program keys in any order as well as any group of keys (I can press down multiple keys at the same time as part of the combination) adds to the ability to create combinations that are simple, but would be difficult to discover.

The safe runs of both AA batteries and an AC adapter. Putting in the batteries the first time is a little tricky, but once you do it once it is not a big deal.

For any prospective buyer of a quick access gun safe, I would definitely recommend this safe. One point though, I ordered the smallest safe which has one tier. This allows for the safe storage of one firearm and one clip and not much else. If you want to store extra ammo or another firearm as well, definitely go for a larger model.”

By B:

 “Here’s my story:

1.) Purchased and shipped fine (retailer was not the issue)

2.) Installed batteries (every bad review you read about battery placement doesn’t describe just how incredibly awful this is.)

3.) Plugged in ac backup (It should be noted this does not power the locking device and does nothing to help you open the safe if the batteries fail. So if you need the gun inside and your batteries are dead, you need to run and get the key. FAIL)

4.) 10 days later batteries are out. No warning beep. Nothing. I just went to test the lock and it wouldn’t open.

5.) Called GunVault and they told me it was because I didn’t use Duracell batteries and to replace the batteries.

6.) Day 11. I replace batteries with Duracell Advance.”

7.) Day 19. Batteries out again.

8.) I called gun vault and they said they would ship a new one. When I asked how long, they said 3-4 weeks because they only have one person handling returns.

9.) I just received the replacement. I’ll update on battery life, but holy crap, putting the batteries in took 20 minutes and I’ve done it 3 times now in 2 months.

By Curtis G:

“The child is mobile now, and he’s getting into everything, so it was time to not just put guns and valuables on a high shelf, but to lock them away securely while keeping them available. This safe does the job.

On the one hand, this is a sturdy, well-made gun vault that gives me confidence that whatever I put in it will stay there, away from little (and even big) hands. It’s small enough to keep on a shelf without taking up too much space, and big enough to hold (in my case) a full-size semi-auto and a compact revolver. The interior light is a nice touch. Also, having a key lock for backup is essential.

On the other hand, the finger pads seem a little picky. During everyday use, I found that I had to use two index fingers to input my combination (1-3-4-1) at the correct pressure and with the correct timing to get the safe open–which does not breed confidence when I consider that one night I might need to open it under stress. OK, I changed the combination to a more finger-friendly one-handed combo and that should do it. It also has me thinking now about the biometric-type locks. Maybe next time.

The keypad and light can be powered by 8 AA batteries and/or an AC adapter. Replacing batteries in the unit is a bit of a hassle, so one thing I’d like to see is a battery recharge feature. The one legitimate gripe I have is that the interior foam lining the “roof” of the safe keeps falling down. It needs to be removable to facilitate battery changes, but doesn’t grip enough to stay stuck, so twice a day, every day, I have to press it back into place. It’s not really necessary, so I may just remove it altogether.”

Thus, quite frankly, I am very surprised to read about some of the problems people have had with this safe since GunVault has one of the best reputations in the business for producing high quality handgun safes. In addition, I noticed that several people have complained about the placement of the back-up batteries being hard to reach. Thus, this sounds like an issue that GunVault needs to work on.

I noticed that each of the reviewers mentioned using AA batteries and yet, the GunVault presently lists this safe as requiring one 9 volt battery so, maybe the issue has been addressed. Otherwise, The GunVault MiniVault Deluxe Handgun Safe seems to be a well made and sturdily constructed safe with many features not found on other handgun safes.

Do any of you have them out there and what do you think of them. Let us know in the comments.


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