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This is a guest post by Andrew Betts

If you train with your firearms for defense, you likely shoot at a lot of silhouette targets. It’s not like targets are particularly expensive, but free is always better, so here’s a way to score some free targets.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, just ask for a few extra paper shopping bags. When you get home, lay a bag flat on the counter and cut it in free targetshalf lengthwise, then open up one half of the bag and cut along the two short corners that made up the bottom of the bag. Now do the same for the other half and you have two IDPA style silhouette targets. The dimensions are slightly smaller than IDPA regulation, but the size and shape are close enough to make them useful for training. For stands, political signs work well. The day after an election, they’re all litter and each candidate has to pay someone has to run around and pick them all up to be recycled so you’re doing them a favor by picking a few up. It’s a small way to save money, but any time I can get something for free, I’m a happy guy.

Andrew Betts served with the Arizona National Guard for over 12 years, including a tour to Afghanistan.  Visit his YouTube Channel for more great shooting information.

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