Powerful Guns to Try During Your First Shooting Range Experience

This is a guest post by John Homan

Going to the gun range for the first time can be a little intimidating, but knowing what guns you want to shoot and gun rangedoing some research beforehand can help assuage your doubts and prepare you for what’s ahead. If you’re not familiar with gun ranges, calling the range you intend to visit will inform you of basic range rules, what guns they carry, and what packages or promotions they offer.

If you want a list of some of the most powerful guns to try your first time at the range, read on for the top five guns for an exhilarating range experience.


1911s have been around for over 100 years because people like the way they shoot. After they were invented by John Browning, their popularity led to many modifications and redesigns. One version of this gun, the Springfield M1911, was the standard issue sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces until 1985. This is a crisp, single action gun that’s very user-friendly. Though it’s a bit dated, shooting this gun is a lot of fun to shoot.

Revolvergun  range

While shooting a massive revolver can be pretty hard for a newbie, harnessing the power of a .44 or .500 Magnum is amazing. The Model S&W 500, in particular, is a very powerful gun; it’s the most powerful revolver in the world, in fact. For the best in force and velocity, there is nothing better than a revolver.


As the absolute most powerful submachine gun in the world, the MP5 is the golden standard. While closed bolt SMGs are nothing new, the MP5 has gained worldwide popularity. It’s been the gun of choice for military personnel and police who work in tight spaces. It’s light and very easy to control for such a powerful weapon.

If you can only shoot one submachine gun, make the MP5 your top choice.


While this gun is hard to control and shoot on full-auto, the AK-47 is one of the most popular guns on the market. Since they can still function while underwater or covered in dirt, sand, and mud, they’ve been used all around the world due to their durability. They’re effective and super powerful, giving you a thrilling shooting experience.

The AK-47 is actually a relatively good gun for first time shooters because it’s very easy to operate. Just don’t shoot it as a fully automatic on your first time.


Shooting a .30 caliber machine gun with little to no recoil can only be described in one word: awesome. The M1919 Browning is one of the most popular to shoot due to its appearance in Captain America: the First Avenger and The Expendables, as well as its usage in WWII and the Vietnam War. It’s often mounted on jeeps and aircraft and, in a gun range, can be mounted on a tripod.

Find a Range Today

To shoot all of these guns at one place, you’ll need to visit a large range, like a shooting range in Las Vegas. Discover the thrill of spewing ammo like there’s no tomorrow and experience unparalleled adrenaline and power. Try shooting one of these guns today!


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John Homan is a freelance lifestyle writer from Las Vegas, California. His work has been published across prestigious outlets around the nation.



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