What is a Personal and Family Defense Plan?

This is first in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt

We spend a lot of time putting together short term, and long term goals. In order to meet these goals we have to develop a plan. The plan Man shooting  identifies the goal, and what needs to happen, to be successful, in meeting that goal. What are some of the goals that we have?

We spend a lot of time and energy in providing an income for our families. We want to be able to provide for the needs and wants. We develop a savings plan, in which we invest in stocks, bonds or have a 401k. We want to make sure that as we grow older, that we will not have to be dependent on our families, others or the state to provide for us.

We formulate goals and plans for our personal well being. We want to live a healthy and productive life, that is filled with fond memories with loved ones. We plan things so that our longevity and quality of life takes a high priority. We try to eat the right things, we try to exercise, and stay way from those things that are harmful to our bodies.

I am sure that as you have read these goals, that require some serious planning, that you can think of, other things such as retirement, children’s college funds, taking care of aging parents etc. All of these things are important to us and require some serious thought and energy.

How much thought have you and your family put into a personal and family defense plan? Every single day we tune into our favorite news media portal, and we hear about people who have become victims to violent and nonviolent crimes of all sorts. Most of us are so sick of listening to it, we chose to tune it out. We do not want to get sucked into being fearful of what might happen, that we decide to assume it will not happen. If we assume that it will not happen, then there is no need to put together a goal to be safe. The goal to be safe and stay safe, requires a plan just like the rest of the plans I discussed earlier. It does not happen by itself and it does require some thought.

I am going to give you my definition of what “personal and family self defense” means. Personal self defense, means the ability that I have, as an individual, to keep myself safe at all times. Family self defense, means the family, as a unit, and its ability to function as a unit, with the goal of keeping other family members safe.

As we dig into these definitions, and their purposes, we will find that both plans have some of the same needs and purposes. The goal is that we want to be safe as individuals and as families. We want to know that in case of an emergency, where our safety is threatened, that we can act in such a way as to escape the threat, or repel that threat.

What is your definition of “personal and family self defense?”  Let us know in the comments.

guest poster James Moffitt

James Moffitt is employed as an I.T. Manager and lives West of the Ashley in Charleston South Carolina. He operates the Palmetto CC, blog where he provides the tools needed in order to be responsible concealed carry citizens.

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