How to Escape Zip Ties

how to escape zip ties

Criminals like zip ties. What we are talking about are those plastic ties normally used to tie up cables. Many home invaders, rapists, and even terrorists use zip ties when planning their operations.

Whatever the motive, if you are restrained by zip ties hope is not lost.

You can escape from zip ties.

There is a great course called Spy Escape and Evasion that has a section on getting out of zip ties. I have permission to share it with you.

This is some great training isn’t it?

Really this is a course that you won’t find many if any like it on the Internet.

I was a bit shocked when I bought it and saw everything that it covers. This is the same material I learned in several military schools that I can’t tell you the name of.

The question is – what will this course do for me (and my family)?

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During this course you’re going to learn to master such topics as:

·         How to become a human lie detector

·         How to hotwire a car

·         How to escape rope, duct tape, even handcuffs in 30 seconds or less

·         How to disappear without a trace

·         How to create an Escape & Evasion kit

·         Lock picking secrets that will allow you to defeat doors with ease

·         How to use social engineering to get almost anything you want

·         And much more…

There is information on if you found yourself being hunted by someone and how to avoid them at all costs.

What if your spouse or children found themselves in the same situation?

The problem is that this stuff really happens in real life and you need the skills to evade them, to use counter surveillance measures, and how select the gear you should carry with you that could save your life?

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So if you sign up for this course you are going to get techniques that you can use against people who want to do you harm and you will also be able to recognize when someone is using the same sort of techniques against you.

The cool part of this is that you can also teach your spouse, children and friends the same information. Either you can teach them yourself or have them watch the videos themselves.

I bought this course myself a little bit ago when I first heard about it. As I said already, I was pretty much stunned about the quality of the material.

Now what I like most about it is that it explains real tradecraft in a way that even a 5th grader can understand it. A lot people use all sort of slang and military jargon when explaining these techniques.

No need to worry about that.

You learn to use real espionage and special ops tactics presented in a normal, everyday easy to learn manner.

Now I will say there is a con with the course. It is presented online through videos. You can either watch online or download them. These are great to watch on your computer by yourself or even on your phone or tablet.

The videos on the computer aren’t that great to watch together with friends or family.

What I would do is download the videos and burn them to a DVD. That way you can watch them on your TV with everyone.

The videos are excellent quality and the material so interesting, you shouldn’t have a problem getting anyone to watch.

If you think that Spy School Secrets is something for you, then there are some things you need to know before buying it. The price is $27.

This is a great value and the material is worth at least 10x the price.

There is a full money back guarantee so if you don’t like it, simply contact them and they will refund your money. This means there is absolutely no risk to you.

This is a course that I totally believe in and really recommend that you purchase it now.

Don’t hesitate; you don’t know when you will need the information.

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