Drop It – Dropping A Gun

In normal circumstances, the last thing you want to happen is dropping a gun.  This is probably one of the most serious safety breaches that can dropping a gunoccur both from the danger of getting shot and from the danger of losing your CCW license if in public.

Obey the Police

Now before we go further, if you are involved in a shooting and the police arrive or if the police stop you and tell you to drop the gun – you need to drop the gun.  A lot of things are going on right here; all of which can end up extremely badly for you.  Police responding to a shooting call are already extremely on edge, they will want to make the scene safe as fast as possible. As Massad Ayoob explains in this video you need to drop the gun if they tell you to. Don’t try to put it on the ground slowly, that is a move that bad guys use to make a quick move on the police.  Don’t try to explain how you are cooperating and then try to lay it gently on the ground. That’s not cooperating. If the police tell you to drop it, drop it.

If It Falls, Let it Dropdropping a gun

If you happen to lose control of your gun, either on the range or it just falls out of your hand or holster, let it drop.  It is extremely dangerous to try and grab the weapon in the air. There is a chance you will get tangled up in the trigger and it could go off. Modern weapons are fairly drop safe and it is much better to let the internal safeties work instead of trying to grab it.

Don’t Fool with It

The best way to prevent a drop is to carry it securely and not fool with your weapon. A good practice to get into is to put on your weapon when you get dressed in the morning and don’t touch it until you get undressed to go to bed.  The only reason to touch your weapon is to go into positions 2 or 3 when you are at the ready and/or prepared to engage a threat.

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