Concealed Carry – Lessons Learned

Here’s a great video on things you should think about if you have a concealed carry weapon.  There’s an old saying – “You don’t know what you concealed carrydon’t know.” It is the same with concealed carry a lot of things take time to learn.  Take some time and watch the video so you don’t have to learn the hard way. Here is a summary of what he points out:

  1. Pick the right weapon. Think about concealability, caliber, price, and what you wear. Are you comfortable with a manual safety or one without a safety. Make sure you can shoot and will carry it.
  2. Find a good holster. Don’t go cheap on the holster. Think about where you can draw it, comfort, and concealability again. Do you drive a lot? Make sure you can draw it from a car seat.
  3. Dress for success. Your concealment will effect how you dress. You have to be able to draw it, keep it concealed in the temperatures you live in.
  4. You have to understand the laws of your state… and any other state you might go into.
  5. Think about why you are carrying concealed. Have you thought about what will happen if you draw and engage a threat? Work on situational awareness and deescalation of a situation.

Check out the video and give us your thoughts in the comments.



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