How to Clean Pistol Magazines

Many people spend a lot of time learning to how to clean their firearm, but don’t know how to clean pistol magazines. Of course you know that how to clean pistol magazinesthe magazine is a key part of the firearm and if you don’t take care of them will let you down when you need it.

I know from personal experience how important magazine maintenance is. We shot a ton of ammo when I was in the military and our magazines took a beating. I have had rounds tumble inside the magazine, the spring stick, and even the bottom fall out of the magazine. You need to inspect them and maintain them.

We found a good video that goes over the basics of cleaning the standard pistol magazines out there. The only thing I would add is to inspect your springs.I tended to stretch them out a bit when I disassembled the magazine. This was because we kept our magazines loaded quite a bit and they tended to develop a memory for being compressed. If you don’t like stretching them consider buying new springs every once in awhile.

Check out the video and share any magazine cleaning tips in the comments.

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