Using a Long Gun for Clearing a House – Doorways

Clearing a house with a long gun (rifle or shotgun) has its pluses and minuses. You will generally be more accurate with a long gun, have more ammo with a greater punch. Besides the overpenetration issues, you are going to have to make sure you can clear the house without flagging your position or even […]

Your How-To Guide on Avoiding Abductions

If you aren’t keeping your situational awareness you might not see it coming. An abduction can occur to you, your spouse, or your children. The are some things you need to know about avoiding abductions.

Home Defense Tactics

The definition of tactics is an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. Home defense tactics are what you plan to do in order to survive.

Total Home Defense

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester. Total Home Defense When you are contemplating your personal defense how many attackers do you train to defend against? At what distances do you train to interdict these attackers?

The 5 Home Defense Fundamentals

This post might be controversial. People often debate the home defense fundamentals. Often a good defense is better than a bad offense. We found a sensible video that talks about you should do in a home defense situation. Now matter what you think about taking a defensive posture, this is good advice for your family […]

How to Be Prepared for Home Invasions

You carry at home. You have a safe room in the house. All this is what you have heard is how to be prepared for home invasions. Well that’s all good. It’s sometimes the little things that determine whether you live or die.

How to Protect Your Family from a Home Invasion

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Home Invasion – Lessons from a former Bounty Hunter It has been said many times that bounty hunters aren’t that much different from the people they chase. Back when I was a bounty hunter I always took umbrage with that idea, but looking back on it — yeah, there […]

The Old boys Have Some Points for Home Defense- Part 1 (Preventing Home Invasion Robberies and Assaults)

This is a guest post by Carr Mohr The weather was nasty and the TV was spewing mindless chatter so I jumped in the truck and went down to visit the boys at the gun shop. The big pot bellied stove was warming the place nicely the “boys” were sitting around warm coffees in hand […]

Don’t Roam Your Home

Guest Post by John Payne, Jr. – A Good Guy with a Gun DON’T ROAM YOUR HOME “LOOKING FOR BAD GUYS” More and more I’m seeing commercials or “funny” vids showing homeowners engaging possible intruders in all areas of their property – NOT generally a good idea, amigos.

Preventing a Home Invasion – Don’t Answer the Door

You hear a knock on the door at 2am or even 10pm.  The first thing you should not do is open the door.  The key in preventing a home invasion is not to give your attackers an advantage. We found a great video by Masad Ayoob on what not to do and what to do […]

Home Invasion Survival

One of the last things anyone wants to live through is a home invasion. At the same time you have to prepare if you are going to have a chance at home invasion survival. We have a nice video on somethings to keep in mind.  First of all, you need to know who is the […]

Home Invasion Defense – Immediate Action Plan

The first, most important part of home invasion defense is to have an immediate action plan.  The video below leads you through constructing one.

Clearing the House

Ensuring there are No Intruders So you have been out for a nice dinner and a movie with your spouse. You arrive home and note that the front door is open slightly. Did you shut it tightly? Or has someone forced it open? This is a very uneasy feeling. There are a couple of ways […]

Train as You Fight – Home Defense Gun

There is a common saying in the boxing and mixed martial arts world: “Train like you fight, so you will fight like you train”. This saying is equally important for a concealed carry permit holder or anyone who is serious about protecting their home and family from harm. When you make the decision to obtain […]

Securing Your Home

This is a guest post by Steve Dailey for Home Defense Gun Fifteen minutes… that’s the average response time for a police officer to come to your aid after the call is made. In some communities, it’s even longer. Obviously, this isn’t a workable scenario for law-abiding citizens. That begs the question of “What can […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan Preparation

This is the fourth in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt In part 3 of this series, I made some mental assertions.  Here they are. I chose to be mentally prepared to protect myself, and my family. I chose to do whatever it takes so that we will not become victims Remember that […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan Part 3

This is the third in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt If you are still reading this series I can only hope that I have brought you to the point where you are seriously thinking about the need to have a Personal and Family defense plan.  In part two of this series, I […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan – What to Expect

This is the second in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt As I write this series of blog posts/articles about personal and family defense plans, I want to make something crystal clear.  The intent and purpose of writing about this, is to get you, the individual or family member, to think about personal […]

What is a Personal and Family Defense Plan?

This is first in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt We spend a lot of time putting together short term, and long term goals. In order to meet these goals we have to develop a plan. The plan identifies the goal, and what needs to happen, to be successful, in meeting that goal. […]

Home Defense: Practice and Planning

I would like for you to take a moment to meet James. He is from a broken home and a rough neighborhood. He is addicted to crack cocaine and methamphetamine. He is out of money, has no car, and no place to live – he is desperate. Right now he is high on LSD and […]

Defending Your Home

While the nightstand is the favorite place for a home defense weapon, it is not the only place. We assume most cowardly acts are perpetrated under cover of darkness and while we are asleep. But if we read the monthly accounts of when citizens have used a weapon in their defense, there are many times […]

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