Clip vs Magazine

This is a guest post from AJ Jensen who isn’t afraid to wade into the clip vs magazine debate. One of the favorite pet peeves of the gun industry is the use of the word ‘clip’ when one actually means a ‘magazine.’ For those who may not know the difference, a clip is an open […]

Pistol Caliber Carbines for a Home Defense Gun

When it comes to home defense, shotguns and handguns rule the roost, but there is a good argument that can be made for using a pistol caliber carbine in some instances. Pistol caliber carbines often catch a lot of flak as they are underpowered when compared to a typical rifle caliber and heavy or bulky […]

Concealed Carry for Women

I am going out on another limb here, but am going to say it anyway – men and women are different.  Men are bigger, on average stronger, wear different clothing, and even think differently about self defense.  For these reasons, women should look at concealed carry differently than men. Size and Strength On average women […]

Top Four Reasons Why Your Hunting Rifle isn’t a Good Home Defensive Weapon

Rifles are great firearms, they are accurate, easy to shoot, and powerful. That said, your hunting rifle is not the best home defense weapon, and today we are going to count down some reasons why that is. Now don’t get me wrong, I like rifles and I own several of them, but they are not […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan Preparation

This is the fourth in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt In part 3 of this series, I made some mental assertions.  Here they are. I chose to be mentally prepared to protect myself, and my family. I chose to do whatever it takes so that we will not become victims Remember that […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan Part 3

This is the third in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt If you are still reading this series I can only hope that I have brought you to the point where you are seriously thinking about the need to have a Personal and Family defense plan.  In part two of this series, I […]

Personal and Family Defense Plan – What to Expect

This is the second in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt As I write this series of blog posts/articles about personal and family defense plans, I want to make something crystal clear.  The intent and purpose of writing about this, is to get you, the individual or family member, to think about personal […]

What is a Personal and Family Defense Plan?

This is first in a series of Guest Posts by James Moffitt We spend a lot of time putting together short term, and long term goals. In order to meet these goals we have to develop a plan. The plan identifies the goal, and what needs to happen, to be successful, in meeting that goal. […]

Home Defense: Practice and Planning

I would like for you to take a moment to meet James. He is from a broken home and a rough neighborhood. He is addicted to crack cocaine and methamphetamine. He is out of money, has no car, and no place to live – he is desperate. Right now he is high on LSD and […]

Why Throw Stones When You Can Throw Boulders

This is a guest post from AJ Jensen. I carry a 45 because they don’t make a 46. That kind of he-man statements make me want to hurl in a bucket. One of my favorite games is going to a gun show, and telling some cartoonish gun dealer how I heard 9mm is more effective […]

Fix Your Handgun Accuracy Problems

Guest Post by survival, preparedness, and firearms expert, David Morris Click here to subscribe to my mailing list One of the most common firearms problems that people have is jerking their firearm so that they are shooting groups are below the bulls eye.  Sometimes the group is loose, sometimes it’s shaped like an upside down […]

Defending Your Home

While the nightstand is the favorite place for a home defense weapon, it is not the only place. We assume most cowardly acts are perpetrated under cover of darkness and while we are asleep. But if we read the monthly accounts of when citizens have used a weapon in their defense, there are many times […]

Firearm Tip That Will Make You Dead On Accurate

By survival, preparedness, and firearms expert, David Morris If you consider firearms as a vital part of your preparations, but can’t afford to shoot as much as you’d like, I feel your pain. Between the cost of ammo, range time, (sometimes) fuel to get there and back, and the time that it takes to get […]

Firearms and Home Defense for Newbies

If you have a family, you want to protect them.  In a society where crimes such as home invasions, robbery, rape, and murder happen every day, you must make a decision on the best method to keep your family safe.  You may call the police (assuming that you have time to dial and reach someone) […]

Semi Autos versus Revolvers

I guess I am stepping into dangerous ground here.  Semi Automatics and revolvers each have their diehard fans.  I am not going to say that one is better than the other.  Each one does have different pluses and minuses. Revolvers When I talk about revolvers, I mean primarily double action revolvers.  That means that you […]

Hidey Holes

The last thing I would want to happen is for my home defense gun to fall in the hands of a burglar. To have your personal weapon used in a crime against someone else is a complete loss of responsibility. So, take measure to make sure your home defense weapon does not fall into a […]

Self-Defense Handgun Mechanical Function Check

Nice article over on Safety Solutions Academy. Most home defense guns will end up setting around for months if not years on end before being used in an emergency. You always should do a function check every month or so. Mechanical Function Check One of the primary considerations in a self-defense handgun is the reliability […]

Your Home Defense Gun

Every homeowner should consider having a home defense gun. Times are coming when the homeowner will regret not having such a weapon. It may not be terrorists at the door, maybe only a marauding animal. In any case, having a home defense gun will give peace of mind to whoever has one. The choice then […]

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