Carrying a Handgun in Your House

One of the most dangerous types of robbery scenarios for a homeowner is a home invasion type of situation. In these instances, armed intruders enter the home and intimidate the homeowner and their family until they get Holstered gunwhat they want. Unfortunately, they often leave members of the household injured or murdered in their wake.

In a recent news story a homeowner was the subject of such a strong-arm robbery. The homeowner was a gun owner who kept several firearms for self-defense. Unfortunately, the firearms were left on a bedroom nightstand and none were in his possession when he was accosted in his living room.

All too often this is the case with people who keep a firearm for self-defense. They may carry concealed religiously in public, but fall into a sense of complacency when they return to their homes and leave their firearm in a safe or on a nightstand.

The best way to prepare for this type of scenario is carrying a handgun in the house.


One of the reasons most gun owners do not carry in the home is due to the lack of comfort of wearing a holstered firearm when they are relaxing. This is usually an equipment issue that can be overcome by changing holsters. An inside the waistband type of holster may not be comfortable to wear while seated in front of a TV or otherwise relaxing at home. In such cases a shoulder holster can be worn instead or a smaller handgun can be carried in an appropriate pocket holster.

Even if the handgun carried in question is a small caliber that may be considered marginal for neutralizing a threat, it can prove to be very effective at fighting your way to a larger handgun or long gun in the home that is more suitable for repelling boarders.


Another reason to carry inside the house is the matter of safety.  First a handgun on your body is not going to find its way into a toddler’s hands or the hands of a child friend of the family.  If the gun isn’t on your body, it needs to be secured which will delay your access to it when you need it.

Also in the safety mode is the idea that you put on the gun when you get dressed in the morning and take it off when you put on your pajamas. Read the article on Dropping Your Gun.  The less you mess with your piece will reduce the change of dropping it, misplacing it or “forgetting it” when you just head down to the neighborhood store.

Ignore the myths

A common and persistent myth is that a home invader need only hear the sound of a shotgun action racking a round into the chamber or see a red laser dot superimposed on their chest to make them flee in terror. These may work in the case of a burglar stumbling into what he thought was a vacant home and is only looking for an escape route. Chances are, if you are subject to a real home invasion, that the invaders will not be so easily dissuaded. More often than not, they may be targeting your home because they know that you have firearms and they may be anticipating a fight.

Should that be the case, be prepared to go all the way when it comes to taking the fight to the intruders. Simply displaying a handgun, a laser or racking a shotgun’s action will not always dissuade the most hardened types who will more than likely be your assailants.

Paranoia or Preparedness

Some people scoff at the notion as they believe (and rightfully so) that their home is their “castle”. Some go as far as to scoff at those who carry in the home thinking that they may be paranoid. Yet, the gun owners who have ended up as victims would probably welcome the thought of carrying in their home if they had the opportunity.

There is often an air of superiority carried by fellow gun owners when it comes to carrying in the home that borders on ridicule. Such persons will say: “What are you expecting, a home invasion or zombie attack?”

The simplest way to dismiss these conversations is to answer their question with one of your own, such as: “Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house because you plan on burning it down?”

There is no shame in being prepared. There is a difference between carrying your firearm in the house and sitting in a makeshift bunker wearing Threat Level IIIIA body armor, a gas mask and helmet while having a loaded select fire BAR (Browning automatic rifle) at the ready with an Uzi pistol in a shoulder holster and cameras monitoring your doors and windows 24 hours a day.

Keeping the appropriate level of awareness goes hand-in-hand with preparedness when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

Do you carry in the house? Let us know in the comments.

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