The Best Home Defense Caliber for Women

best home defense caliber for women

We have a lot of women readers here on Home Defense Gun. One of the questions that get asked a lot is, “What is the best home defense caliber for a woman.”

Well the question isn’t cut and dry. It depends on the body type of the woman, her hand size, her experience, her conditioning. Sounds a lot like the same sort of factors for a man, doesn’t it?

We found a good video that goes through some of the weapons available out there with a woman giving her perspective of how it felt shooting it.

One thing I didn’t like is her shooting the H&K machine pistol with the butt stock collapsed. If you are going to use a weapon like that, extend the stock and get a lot more accuracy out of it. You will see the weapon jerking all around as she shoots it.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments what you think.

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