Is the Beretta M9A1 a Decent Home Defense Gun?

Is the Beretta M9A1 a decent gun for home defense? There are those that hate the gun and some that love it. Many have experienced the beretta M9A1military model, the M9.

There are a couple big reasons you shouldn’t judge the Beretta M9A1 from it’s military service. First, many people were issued ones that had been already issued to many if not hundreds of other soldiers before them. While some performed good maintenance on their handguns, many others didn’t. Unit armorers come in a variety of abilities and enthusiasm also and many Berettas didn’t receive the higher level maintenance they should have.

Also many military device members didn’t/don’t receive proper pistol marksmanship training and have a tendency to blame the weapon when their shooting skills were really the problem. It’s a decently accurate weapon out of the box and in the proper hands can be extremely effective.

There is also the question of stopping power of the 9mm round. High performance, hollow points can overcome this and the fifteen round magazine is a plus in a gun fight.

I have to say that I am partial to the Beretta. It’s the pistol that I learned to shoot with and it felt like an extension of my body after a time. I did experience a few catastrophic failures with locking blocks breaking. This was before they redesigned them and we did shoot an extraordinary amount of rounds through our weapons.

Here’s a good video that shows the pluses of the M9A1. Check it out and let us know what you think of this pistol.


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