Why a BB Gun Will Help You Shoot Better

This is a guest post by David Denholm bb gun

BB Guns are good for teaching gun safety and learning to shoot well.

Long before you let your child use a .22, have him start practicing with a BB gun. A BB gun is a fun gift for Christmas, a birthday party, or even the 4th of July to celebrate the 2nd Amendment, but it is a lot more than a cute gift.

BB guns are excellent tools for teaching young people and amateur shooters gun safety, and for helping them learn to shoot well.

Owning a BB gun can teach someone great safety habits or bad ones. It can help them learn to shoot effectively and accurately, or it can let everyone know that maybe someone shouldn’t have a real gun.

Give a child or new shooter a BB gun, or suggest a new adult shooter get one prior to buying a real gun. A good six months to year of practice will serve them well. And, it’s not nearly as dangerous as getting a real gun right off the bat.

How a BB Gun Will Help You Shoot Better
  1. Target Practice – You’ll feel a lot freer to shoot paper targets and cans in the woods or an open field with a BB gun than with a real gun. A BB gun doesn’t make as much noise, it’s not as dangerous, and you’re not as restricted as you are with a real gun.
  2. Learn Gun Use – Treat your BB gun like a real gun. Store it with the real guns. Let your child take it along on short hunts with you. Make him carry it with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Pack some BBs with you for target practice at the end of the hunt.
  3. Shoot More Often – Because plastic BBs cost a lot less than bullets, you can shoot a lot more. That means more target practice. You know the old adage, “Practice makes perfect”? There are exact replicas of almost every real firearm on the market. Why not get a BB gun just for cheaper target practice? Even if you pride yourself on owning a bevy of real firearms, it’d just be foolhardy not to buy a BB gun for target practice. Unless you’re a millionaire and can afford unlimited live ammo, you should get a BB gun. You can even shoot it at home in your garage. That means you won’t have to drive to a shooting range or somewhere remote to get target practice. That everyday target practice will give you a much better eye for shooting.
The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that a consistent gun, consistent ammo, and consistent shooting are all necessary for shooting accurately. If you’ve got a cheap gun with cheap ammo that you can shoot anywhere, then you’re more likely to become a better shooter faster. To become the consistent shooter you want to be, you’ve got to be able to shoot very often. If you can shoot at home in your garage or in a nearby forest, you’ll be less likely to get lazy about target practice.

It takes a lot of practice to become a master shooter, and there is no substitute for practice. All this practice can be expensive, time-consuming, and a royal pain in the rear end. Driving to a shooting range across town whenever you want to practice can deter all but the most dedicated shooter from improving his shooting eye. The BB gun is a smart solution to a couple of difficult problems: where to shoot for target practice and how to afford ammo.

BB gun ownership is a quieter, less onerous alternative to the gun range. If you want to shoot, and you want to be a great shooter, you’re going to need a lot of practice. The best and easiest way to practice is to buy a BB gun.

Your friends might laugh at you for practicing with a BB gun, but real shooters will understand your rationale. More and more men and women are buying BB guns to reduce the burdens and risks associated with a real firearm.


David is an expert on BB Guns and is passionate about helping how BB Guns work. He regularly writes for Skirmish, airsoft and BB guns websites and is a key writer for onlybbguns.co.uk, a company that sells BB Guns and Airsoft BB.

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