Top 5 Bad Gun Accessories

This is a guest post by Kevin Creightonmagazine-bayonet

Over the past few years, there’s been some tremendous leaps made in the firearms world. From inexpensive laser sights to rugged combat-ready magnified optics to the wide variety of lightweight, accurate pistols designed for concealed carry, we are living in a golden age of guns and gun accessories. There’s been some really good ideas that have saved lives…

… and then there’s this stuff.

The Magazine Baseplate Knife
Impress your friends with your hand-to-hand combat skills with this little gadget slapped onto the baseplate of your favorite handgun. You’ll do more than just crack skulls when you hit someone with your pistol, you’ll slice them wide open as well.
If you don’t slice your fingers off first doing a malfunction drill, that is. With this knife sticking out of the brass_knucklesbottom of your gun, every tap-rack-bang drill becomes an exercise in keeping all your fingers where they belong, on your hands.

Brass Knuckle Foregrip
There’s tactical, and then there’s punch-somebody-in-the-face-with-your-foregrip tactical. Tastefully styled in black plastic and anodized aluminum, this is the grip to have on your rifle if you’re not too concerned about getting your hands on and off your gun quickly. However, on the slim chance you can get a bad guy’s face past the barrel of your rifle and in-range of your foregrip, you are ready to deliver pain, after you’ve had your own share of pain from having your fingers mangled by this monstrosity.

Zombie Pistol Bayonet
Not just a pistol bayonet, but a zombie pistol bayonet! This is just the thing for you if you’re worried about running out ammo during the zombie apocalypse. Of course, how you’ll carry this gun around in a holster whilezombie_bayonet waiting for the living dead to rise up and shuffle down your street is an unanswered question. And as an added bonus, the zombie ichor will blend in nicely with the neon green on the handle of this bayonet.

Tired of the weight of your defensive pistol on your hip? Are you looking for an easy way for the bad guy to grab mule_stockyour primary AND secondary weapons at one time? Want to have a gun in your gun so you can gun while you gun? Then this is the product for you! While this won’t actually double the firepower of your rifle, it will double the weight and size of your stock, making you really stand out at your local gun range.

Speaking of putting a gun on your gun, the Gripshot is a similar idea to the MuleTac, but rather than hide your pistol in the stock, it mounts your sidearm on the side your rifle, out where gripshoteveryone can see you’ve got more than one gun ready to go at a moment’s notice. Of course, having the weight of a fully-loaded pistol hanging off one side of your gun will affect your marksmanship somewhat, but if this accessory is your sort of thing, you know it’s the volume of fire you’re kicking out that impresses people, not your accuracy.


Kevin Creighton has led the marketing for a number of companies in the firearms world, and has written articles on the new realities of gun ownership for Shooting Illustrated,, the Personal Defense Network, Downrange.TV and on his own blog, Misfires and Light Strikes. He is an avid competitor in USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun and has appeared on “Shooting Gallery” on The Outdoor Channel.  His firearms training history includes classes with Bob Vogel, Rob Pincus, Rob Leatham, Gabe Suarez and others. You can  follow him on Twitter @Exurbankevin and Instagram @exkev.

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