Your How-To Guide on Avoiding Abductions

avoiding abductions

If you aren’t keeping your situational awareness you might not see it coming. An abduction can occur to you, your spouse, or your children. The are some things you need to know about avoiding abductions.I seriously recommend that you review this document I found on How to Abort an Abduction Attempt.

I like a lot of things about the report. First I am not a big fan of self defense training for women and children. Now don’t get me wrong, martial arts training is great for self confidence and physical fitness. It is just a matter of physics. A 120lb women is going to have a very hard time with a 220lb determined rapist. I am a much bigger fan of using some sort of weapon.

There is some other good stuff in here about being aware of your surroundings and grabbing hold of bystanders. There is a real syndrome that causes people not to interfere, grabbing them breaks this and will pull them into helping you.

Now there is some old stuff that is a bit dated in the report, on modern cars you can’t kick out the tail lights. Just overlook that stuff.


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