The AK47 for Home Defense

AK47I have to admit that I am a bit partial to the AK47 for home defense. I was introduced to it back in the military when I was a Special Forces Weapon Sergeant. The AK47 was a must learn weapon due to the fact of its popularity around the world.

While there are a lot many better rifles out there for accuracy and modularity, the AK is a wonderful weapon based on its price and dependability.  You should be able to find one for a couple hundred dollars.  If you only have so much to spend, this should be your first choice.  Also if you want a weapon to cache and not worry about, a AK47 would be a great choice.

This goes to the second advantage of the AK – dependability.  It will take a beating and keep on ticking.  There are very few moving parts and will still function on a lack of maintenance.  You can bury with a good coating of oil in a cache and it will function good as new when you dig it back up.

Now a AK is going to have same problems as other rifles as a home defense weapon – overprentration, retainability and problems with stigma if you have to deal with police after a shooting event.

Check out the video below on some of the features of the AK47.  Let us know in the comments what you think of it as a home defense weapon.

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