.300 Blackout HPR 150 gr JSP Review

.300 Blackout

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts

.300 Blackout – They Can’t All Be Winners, Kid

Sometimes things just don’t turn out the way you expected, or hoped. .300 Blackout is rapidly becoming a popular cartridge, as evidenced by the fact that you can buy it at Walmart now. While subsonic .300 Blackout isn’t particularly useful for anything except discrete hunting of medium sized game, supersonic loadings are a great choice for home defense. Based on previous experience, it seemed that a heavy soft point would be a good choice. As impressive as newfangled ballistic tipped and solid copper bullets can be, soft points are simple and dependable.

Unfortunately, that heavier bullet just didn’t seem to be moving quickly enough to expand. This is a little .300 Blackoutdisappointing because .300 Blackout ammunition tends to be a little expensive and this offering cost a little less than some of the other non-FMJ choices.

Of course, it will still put a hole through a bad guy and ruin his whole day, but this bullet does not deliver its energy efficiently and produces a wound that is little better than full metal jacket. With so many other more viable choices, there is no reason to choose this one.


Andrew Betts served with the Arizona National Guard for over 12 years, including a tour to Afghanistan. Visit his YouTube Channel for more great shooting information.

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