3 Places for a Handgun

Found a great video by Clint Smith on the 3 places for a handgun.  If you are not carrying your pistol in one of the 3 places; you are wrong.home invasion survival

  1. In the holster, if the pistol is not needed it should be kept in the holster, safe and secure.  You should be able to draw it out easily and it should not fall out if you move around.
  2. In the ready position, the pistol is out of the holster, pointed away from the body, with the finger off the trigger. It should be pointed in the general direction of where the threat could come from.
  3. On target, prepared to shoot if the threat does not comply.  Finger is on the trigger.

If you have the handgun in hand with your finger on the trigger and not on target – Get it Off!

Check out the video – Clint makes great ones.

Leave us a comment about what you think about the three places.


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