3 Great Colt Pistols for Home Defense

By Home Defense Staffer Cindy

colt pistols3 Great Colt Pistols

The first name in handguns that I remember recognizing is the Colt. While learning about the taming of the Wild West through reading and watching movies, the Colt .45 captured my attention as a youngster. It has always fascinated me that the United States Army issue Colt was used by the U. S. Marshals and law enforcement in the Wild West. Wild Bill Hickok is one of the most famous handlers of the Colt .45. Legend has it that Wyatt Earp also strapped on a holster holding a Colt known as the ‘Buntline Special’. The Colt is known as the “The Gun That Won the West.”

Colt Firearms originated in 1836 by the founder of the company, Sam Colt. The good news is that you don’t have to find a relic from 1881 Tombstone, Arizona to own one. They were not just produced for the lawmen of the Wild West. You can own a new custom made Colt. These custom handguns are still engraved by hand. These functional personal defense items become collectibles because they are considered works of art. The custom designed guns are expensive and worth every penny. They are instant heirlooms. They are highly accurate and built with numerous safety features and the unique Colt design. Custom made Colt guns are sold through retail gun dealers.

The original Army Issue Colt was discontinued, but the manufacture of restyled and redesigned Colt handguns has continued to present day. The Colt M1911 semiautomatic pistol is the “granddaddy” of them all. John Browning designed the new type gun, and it has been on the market in some form ever since. Most recently, Colt redesigned the M1913 Picatinny Rail Gun. This gun is built with the Spirit of the American West: It is tough and built with safety in mind. If this gun is carried often enough, it will most likely be dropped at some point. If this happens and the safety is on, the gun will not fire. The safety is mounted so that it will not dislodge when dropped. The safety lock is a great feature on this weapon. It can be released with either hand. The gun is covered with a coating to resist scratches and scrapes that would ordinarily happen during frequent carry and use. For concealed carry on a regular basis, it is a great feature that this gun is not easily scuffed.

The Colt pistol is great for any Home Defense user. This gun can easily have a tactical light added to it. The tactical light is a flashlight that can be mounted beneath the barrel. To assist a beginner in hitting the desired target, a laser can be mounted instead. Using the sights and the laser to draw a bead on the target greatly increases the chance of hitting the intended target.

Colt New Agent

The Colt New Agent Series gun is also designed with concealed carry in mind. The .45 Double Action Colt New Agent is accurate and packs a wallop. The three-inch barrel and total size of 6.75 inches allows you to hide it on your person or in a purse. It has a snag free design so that it can easily be drawn from the holster if you need it in a hurry. The magazine holds seven bullets. The gun only weighs about 23 ounces. This makes it easy for anyone to handle.

Check out this video on the New Agent:

Colt Defender

The Colt Defender is another excellent gun for concealed carry. It is built to withstand repeated use for target practice. A beginner must put in hours of practice so that the novelty of carrying a gun wears off quickly. You must be at ease with a gun or the “fear factor” will prevent you from effectively using the gun in a crisis situation. Becoming comfortable with any weapon that you choose is essential.

Check out this video on the Defender:

Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite

Another Colt gun built for use in personal security is the Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite. It is better suited for close range personal defense and for someone with small hands. It weighs about 12.5 ounces. This gun is 5.5 inches long. It has a short single action trigger. In comparison to a larger caliber gun, the recoil is not as bad.

Check out the Mustang Pocketlite here:

The Colt is a part of American history, and you can use one for your own personal protection. And, if you imagine you’re at the Shootout at the OK Corral during target practice with your Colt, no one would blame you. The Colt and personal protection go from holster to hand in record time for more than 100 years.

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