3 Crowdfunded Gadgets for Home Defense

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My husband and I take home defense and safety pretty seriously. We’re the nerdy types that like to see what’s new or upcoming in the gun market.  We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for any new technology that enters the market that could benefit us.  Whether it’s keeping our property safe or expanding our own defense skills, we’re constantly swapping ideas back and forth.

Recently I was on a social media website and came across some neat looking products.  Not all are out just yet, but they got me excited just thinking about the possibilities.  I’d like to share three ideas that seemed pretty ingenious and I’d love to know what everyone thinks about them.


The first product in the works right now is something called iTarget.  It’s a new way to do target practice INSIDE your home with your home defense gun.  It sounded a bit crazy until I realized you’re not actually shooting real bullets inside the house.

It uses an app on your phone that’s pointed to a target you put up in your home.  Then you use a fake bullet that shoots a laser beam of light when you pull the trigger. The bullet doesn’t get ejected from the chamber, so you can fire as many ‘rounds’ as you’d like.  When the laser hits the target, your phone snaps a picture and records all your target shots digitally.

I’m including the video below to give you a more visual idea of how the iTarget works.


Since the gun range is about 20 minutes away from our home, we struggle to get out there and practice as often as we’d like.  This new conceptual product would lessen the need to practice short range shooting at an actual range.

Something you miss at the shooting range is practice for an actual home invasion.  With the iTarget, it’d be easy to set it up in a few key areas of the house and practice turning corners and aiming for intruders with the target. I really liked the concept of working on those home defense skills right in my own house.

Right now, the product has been completely crowdfunded on Indiegogo as of one month ago. Their updates say that they’ll be offering the product starting in late August or September. If you’re interested in purchasing it, the cost of the system (laser bullet and ‘sled’ to hold iPhone) is $89.  There’s an app that you’ll need to download and they plan on offering it for free with additional practice games for purchase in the app.


Next up is the Zore X gun lock. With a few weeks left on their crowdfunding campaign, they’ve already raised 4 times the amount that they had requested.  It’s extremely popular on social media.

This upcoming product is a uniquely designed gun lock.  There is a round of ammo that you put in the chamber and it’s attached to a lock.  It’s a dial lock that can be customized, so you can make the combination as easy or difficult as you want it to be.

A great advantage to this gun lock is that you can have protection from kids getting access and you don’t need to buy a large gun safe to do it.  Since safety is important to us, it’s something my husband and I might be interested in once we decide to have children.

It’s designed to be opened in under 2 seconds, so it still offers fast access in case there’s a home invasion.

Here’s a video below describing it a bit more.


You can still back their Indiegogo campaign for a couple more weeks.  Since they’re still doing a lot of tweaking on the exact features of the gun lock, they don’t expect it to be available until next year.  The company is definitely taking customer’s ideas and suggestions to heart before finishing the product. They’ve already altered a lot of features just based on recent feedback.

The price for the Zore X will be $95 plus any shipping costs. You can preorder it now on their Indiegogo page.

I also wrote an in-depth review of the Zore X on my blog. Feel free to check it out here.

SALT Self Defense Gun

This crowdfunded product has recently gone to market and is available for purchase.  The company decided they wanted to create a gun that wasn’t lethal if someone was shot with it. Instead of a lead bullet, the round of ammo contains pepper spray. So when someone is shot by this gun, they are temporarily blinded and incapacitated.  It also uses CO2 to push the round out.  Using air makes the gun pretty quiet and easy to handle.

This seems like a neat idea for someone who isn’t fully ready or confident enough to use a real firearm.  In a home defense situation, it would make for an easy way to stop an intruder. It’d give you enough time to escape and leave your home until police arrive.

Here’s their promo video for an in-depth explanation:

Since the company already reached their crowdfunding goals and are selling their product, you can buy this product on their website here: www.saltsupply.com.  You can get a starter kit that includes the gun, rounds, a case and CO2 cylinders for $349.99.

What do you guys think of these product ideas? Are there any you think are worth considering?


This article was written by Lauren Ventosa. She is the owner and blogger at CaveArmor.com, a blog about home and gun safety. She’s passionate about helping people create a secure home that promotes peace of mind and loves using the internet as an effective medium for enhancing lives through blogging.



Photo credit – ZORE X


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