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Weapon Mounted Lights

Unless you have some sort of superhuman powers and can see at night you need some sort of light for home defense. The question is whether you want a weapon mounted light or a hand held light. There are arguments for either one. The weapons mounted light will always be there. You can open doors, […]

Carrying a Makarov

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Should You Trust a Commie? Carrying a Makarov. If you knew you were going into a fight, you would be a fool to choose a pistol. Pistols are not powerful. They do not point very naturally. They do not hold a lot of ammunition. They do one […]

Big Bore Lever Action Rifles

Big Bore Lever Action Rifles This is a guest post by Andrew Betts Cars too fast, girls too pretty, and a defensive firearm that is too powerful. Do such things even exist? When it comes to the defensive use of a firearm, we want to stop the bad guy and we want him to stop […]

How to Defend Against a Home Invasion

First of all, you never want a home invasion to happen. Please do all the steps you can keep them outside your door. Take a look at our posts on situational awareness and physical security.

Warning Shots

Think warning shots are a good idea? Think again. They gain you no tactical advantage and could very well land you in more legal hot water than actually shooting someone.

Proper Trigger Pull

Proper trigger pull is one of the foundational skills you have to master if you want to be accurate. If you don’t get it down, you will jerk the trigger and constantly miss.

Lever Action Rifles for Home Defense

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts You’ve got to admit that at the very least lever action carbines are seven gallons of fun in a five gallon bucket. It is a real joy to shuck that lever, ring steel and launch empties. It is difficult to explain but easy to understand, if you […]

Finding the Right Handgun for a Woman

Finding the right handgun for a woman can be a challenge. There’s a lot of advice out there some good, some bad. It’s not about male guns or female guns or black guns or pink guns. It’s all about what fits you and your lifestyle the best.

Instinctive Shooting

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Instinctive Shooting or Point Shooting or Unsighted Fire Shooting a handgun without using your sights may seem like voodoo magic to a lot of shooters. While it is a difficult skill to master it is not really magic or difficult if you apply your fundamentals of handgun […]

How to Load a Shotgun

You would think it is relatively straight forward on how to load a shotgun. Most have a tube that you simply push the round into until the tube (magazine) is full. Like everything it is a lot harder when it’s dark, your adrenaline is pumping and someone is shooting back at you.

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