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Another Way to Think About Muscle Memory

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Training is Insulation (Developing Muscle Memory) I’m constantly fascinated by how delicately intricate, yet powerful the human brain is. When I began my journey of becoming a teacher / trainer I never expected to find myself studying neurology. While becoming a brain surgeon is very low on […]

How to Manage Recoil

It would be really easy if when you shot a gun it just didn’t move. The trouble is that it doesn’t. You have to learn how to manage recoil. Now recoil isn’t something you have to be afraid of. You just have to acknowledge it’s going to occur and learn to handle it or manage […]

The Smith & Wesson Model 31

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Charlie’s First Gun – The Smith & Wesson Model 31 It’s funny the stuff that sticks in your head. Personally, I have the odd habit of remembering guns from movies. In a lot of cases I couldn’t tell you the name of the actors when the film is over […]

The Thyrm Switchback

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Thyrm Switchback While I stray away from equipment and gear reviews, every so often a product comes out that is actually worth talking about. While I’ve carried, bought, used, tested, broken and discarded hundreds of dollars of gear over the years, once in a great while I […]

How to Shoot in a Car

How to shoot in a car when carrying concealed can be tricky. You have a lot to deal with – cramped quarters, seat belts, etc.

How to Introduce Your Girl to Shooting

How to Introduce Your Girl to Shooting If you are one of the guys out there who like to shoot, it is a really good idea to introduce your lady to the shooting lifestyle. That way you and her can enjoy some time together and you can make sure she can defend herself if need […]

What To Wear for Concealed Carry

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Personal Protection – Beyond the waistline, what to wear for concealed carry When talking about self-defense and personal protection, an awful lot of attention is devoted to the waist line. Let’s face it, that’s where we carry the most important tool in our arsenal. Be it appendix […]

Is the Beretta M9A1 a Decent Home Defense Gun?

Is the Beretta M9A1 a decent gun for home defense? There are those that hate the gun and some that love it. Many have experienced the military model, the M9.

Should You Use a Shoulder Holster?

Shoulder holsters seem a bit old school these days. You don’t see them around much. Well, that’s sort of the idea, if someone is carrying properly you won’t see them.

Why You Should Own a 22

There are a lot of good reasons why you should own a 22. They are great beginner guns. You can shoot all day and not break your bank account with a 22. We found a nice little video that demonstrates the reasons.

CCW at Work

Should you carry your CCW at work?  That is a tough question.

How to Clean Pistol Magazines

Many people spend a lot of time learning to how to clean their firearm, but don’t know how to clean pistol magazines. Of course you know that the magazine is a key part of the firearm and if you don’t take care of them will let you down when you need it.

Caracal Firearms

by Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob Caracal Firearms Normally, I would have a hard time brewing up too much sympathy when a bunch of oil sheiks lose some money on an investment. It’s kind of like Hugh Hefner complaining that he couldn’t get a date for Saturday night. Gee Hef, you sure got it rough.

How to Detain Someone with a Firearm

Part of having a home defense gun is knowing how to detain someone with a firearm. You might encounter someone with a knife and you draw and they surrender, You might wound someone and have to wait until the police arrive. It’s important to know what to do before the time comes.

Women and CCW

Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob interviews a female friend of his on her thoughts on women and CCW. There are quite issues that women have to address when carry concealed – clothing, body shape to name a couple.

Another Take on the Taurus Judge

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts The Taurus Judge seems to benefit from a far more aggressive advertising campaign than its predecessor, the Thunder Five. As much as it deserves to fade into obscurity, it just won’t die. The ammo makers have done a pretty good job selling people what they want to […]

When to Draw Your Firearm

It’s always a judgement call to know when to draw your firearm either in a concealed carry situation or a gun in your home. There are a hundred things going through your mind and a second or two to make a decision.

Active Shooter & Concealed Carry

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester I’ve been absent for a couple of weeks now, partially because I spent a week at a training course on responding to active shooter incidents. While this course was designed for law enforcement officers, there are many similarities in the way you as a concealed carry citizen […]

Home Defense Guns – A Police Officer’s Viewpoint

You might think that the police have a negative view of home defense guns. Well, here is one that highly recommends them and concealed carry.

What to Keep on Your Nightstand

If you believe in home defense, you certainly need to think about what to keep on your night stand.  You’re at your most vulnerable when asleep and when waking up.

How to Build a Homemade Shooting Range

by Home Defense Gun staffer Pat When I began teaching CCW and defensive handgun courses, I quickly realized a couple things about using other people’s ranges for my classes. The first thing was that if I wanted to ensure being able to do things in my time and on my schedule, I was going to […]

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