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Something Every Gun Owner Should Know

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester God made mankind… Sam Colt made ‘em equal Firearms ownership is not only a right guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is an underrated privilege many people take for granted and ignore. Having the right to own a firearm and […]

What You Need to Know about the Taurus Judge for Home Defense

If you hang around home defense people at all you are going to hear about having a Taurus Judge for home defense. Some love them, some think they are a joke. We found a good video that covers the Judge. 

AR15 versus AK47

AR15 Versus AK47 You will often hear people talking about rifles talk about the AR15 and the AK47 in the same breath. Well they are not really the same.

What Gun is Best for Home Defense – Take 2

This is a guest post by Andrew Betts What gun is best for home defense? You may as well ask “What car is the “best” for driving kids to soccer practice?” or “What computer is best for watching squirrels water skiing?” It’s a very broad question that has been covered approximately as many times as […]

What You Need to Know about Home Defense Ballistics

Home defense ballistics always come up when you talk about shooting in a building.  Is a pistol better than a rifle? Is birdshot better than buckshot? The questions (and arguments) go on and on.

The AR-15 for Home Defense

The idea of an AR-15 for home defense stirs up a lot of passion. Some people swear by them and others swear at them.  From my time in the military, I am extremely familiar with the AR-15/CAR-16 and if I want a rifle this is the one I would go with.

Enlightening the Anti-Gun Crowd

By Home Defense gun staffer David I don’t care much for the opinions of the anti-gun crowd. I have found many of them to be narrow minded, rigid, inflexible, uniformed, and ignorant. They wholeheartedly believe the worst stereotypes about gun owners, lumping us together as uneducated, beer chugging, camouflage and flannel wearing  goons. My first […]

The Vector Carbine

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Bob The Vector Carbine The pistol caliber carbine is always a good choice when it comes to home defense. Carbines pack enough punch to be useful while still being low in recoil and oftentimes offering increased accuracy over their handgun counterparts. This year at the SHOT Show I had the […]

Train Safe – Chamber and Barrel Block

This is a guest post by John Carlin TRAIN SAFE is a small “Made In America” company, which was started to promote safe training with personal or duty firearms. I have been a firearms instructor for over 30 years and never liked looking down the barrel of a firearm, for fear of being shot.  In […]

The Franchi 48 AL Shotgun

If you are looking for a sweet home defense weapon, the Franchi 48 AL Shotgun just may be the perfect one for you! Although this innovative shotgun was introduced over 50 years ago, it was among the first semi-automatic shotguns to incorporate a lightweight aluminum receiver. Thus, with a unloaded weight of 5.4 to 5.7 […]

A Woman’s Gun Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Her Firearm – Part 1

This is a guest post by Tarra Stoddard A Woman’s Gun Guide Presentation and Functionality plays in every part of our lives. Kinda like my grandma always said. “Your porch is the window into your home.” Hmm you say, how does that fit into firearm cleaning and maintenance? Your gun’s appearance and the way it […]

Why You Need Training

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Why you need training…With who…How often? Let’s face it, money is a driving factor in our day to day lives and the precious few dollars we scrimp, save and stash are hard earned. We invest our time and effort to save money because we enjoy using it […]

Defending Your Home is a Right and Responsibility

This is a guest post by Ben Marquis Defending Your Home Your home is your sanctuary.  It is the place where you know that you, your family and property are safe.  Many of us go to great lengths to improve the safety and security of our homes.  This can include locks on doors and windows, […]

Firearms and Alcohol Don’t Mix

By Home Defense Gun Staffer David Firearms and Alcohol When I was about 17, I was on a deer hunting (?) trip with a high school friend, his father and four uncles. This is what they called deer hunting: We got in a big station wagon, and drove around on a twisting, winding, icy, mountain […]

Women’s Off Body Carry

This is a guest post by Stephanie DiGennaro When it comes to concealed carrying, we ladies have quite a few options. We can carry on body (the most preferred way) with a more common IWB or OWB holster or we can use a thigh holster or a bra holster. We can also off body carry […]

3 Great Colt Pistols for Home Defense

By Home Defense Staffer Cindy 3 Great Colt Pistols The first name in handguns that I remember recognizing is the Colt. While learning about the taming of the Wild West through reading and watching movies, the Colt .45 captured my attention as a youngster.

What You Need to Know about Trigger Press

This a guest post by Scott Sylvester Trigger Press Properly This week I had a discussion with some fellow firearms instructors about the proper way to apply one of the fundamentals, Trigger Control. In a variety of students this is a pretty hard one to master without a lot of practice, so in this discussion […]

The Great Ammunition Shortage

By Home Defense Gun Staffer Mike S. It has been called the “Great Ammunition Shortage of 2013”, spurred on by fears of governmental gun control and panic-buying, shooters have been unable to find common ammunition with which to train. When it comes to shooting, the only way you can improve is with practice.

How to Keep Your Rifle Healthy

“I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready.” excerpt from the Rifleman’s Creed We found a good video on how to maintain your rifle.  This touches on a couple points on proper barrel and action cleaning that you don’t hear much about.

Warning – Are You Tactically Squared Away

This is a guest post by Scott Sylvester Tactically Squared Away Squared away: Everything is set and proper, clean and tidy and ready to go Are you tactically squared away? Well… are you? Think about it for a minute and contemplate what I am asking, and then formulate your answer to the question. Go ahead…I’ll […]

What You Need to Know about Keeping Your Guns Safe

We found a great video on keeping your guns safe. The last thing you want is to have a gun stolen and even used in a crime.

How to Survive a 911 Call

Make sure you survive the 911 call. Let’s say that you are a home homeowner and had to take deadly force to eliminate a threat to you and your family. How bad would it be if you called the police and did not survive the police call or ended up being arrested and charged for […]

What You Need to Know About Pocket Carry Guns

The best gun to have is the gun you have when you need it. While a big bore auto with a huge magazine is preferable when going against a threat; you might not be able to have that with you. For these occasions, pocket carry guns are a good alternative.

What You Need to Know about Cover and Concealment

Cover and concealment are your friends when you enter a threat situation. If someone can’t find you they most likely can’t hurt you. If they know where you are but can’t get at you, once again mostly likely they can’t hurt you. The thing you don’t want to do is confuse the two.

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