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Tap, Rack and Bang

The last thing you want to happen when you are firing your pistol is that sickening click or short recoil and see the round stove piped in the top of your automatic.  What is worse that this happening is not knowing what to do – Tap, rack and bang. With most everything involving gunfights, you […]

Kimber Pistols

If you are new to firearms, you might not be familiar with Kimber pistols.  Some people love them and others say they are way over priced. Kimber was started in the 1970s in Oregon by Australian Jack Wayne. After starting out with rifles and some money problems, the company was acquired and moved to New […]

The Civilian Marksmanship Program Scholarship

The demise of the Civilian Marksmanship Program has been reported in the news but is not true. It is still up and running and sticking to its mission of promoting firearm safety and marksmanship training with an emphasis on youth. One of its great programs is its CMP Scholarship. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers […]

Teaching Your Daughter to Shoot

By Home Defense Gun staffer Pat Teaching Your Daughter to Shoot Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of. And a natural ability to wield a handgun with deadly precision. And an innate fondness for the 1911 platform. And an instinctive ability to shoot the center out of a silhouette […]

Carrying a Handgun in Your House

One of the most dangerous types of robbery scenarios for a homeowner is a home invasion type of situation. In these instances, armed intruders enter the home and intimidate the homeowner and their family until they get what they want. Unfortunately, they often leave members of the household injured or murdered in their wake. In […]

Set Up and Zero Iron Sights – Your New Rifle

One of the first steps when you get a new rifle is to set up and zero the iron sights. Now you have to know what you want to do with your rifle before you get down to zeroing the sights. It’s pretty obvious that a rifle is a great long distance weapon and since […]

Eye Dominance

When I talk about eye dominance, I am not talking about some BDSM game. I mean which is your strong eye and which is your weak eye.  When you look at things your brain is processing information from your right and left eyes.  One of your eyes in most dominant or strong and this is […]

Drop It – Dropping A Gun

In normal circumstances, the last thing you want to happen is dropping a gun.  This is probably one of the most serious safety breaches that can occur both from the danger of getting shot and from the danger of losing your CCW license if in public. Obey the Police Now before we go further, if […]

Photo – Woman on Range

Here is a nice photo of a woman shooting on the range.  What do you think of her grip and stance?

Gunsmithing for Kids

by Home Defense Staffer Pat A Trigger Job And Safety Knob For Mosin Nagant Rifles I like to foster all kinds of firearms skills in my kids, even gunsmithing. It is relatively easy to pass on the skills that I actually have, since all five kids are very interested in guns and shooting. Unfortunately, I […]

The OODA Loop and Situational Awareness

by Home Defense Gun staffer Mike One of the most common themes taught in defensive firearms classes is situational awareness. First designed by Col Jeff Cooper in the 1970s, the situational awareness chart represents the degrees of awareness that a person experiences in relation to their surroundings. Cooper’s chart is based on a color code […]

Don’t Shoot First and Ask Questions Later

Are you one of the ones that says to “shoot first and ask questions later?  While hesitating in the middle of a home defense threat can have deadly consequences, not preparing yourself ahead of time for the incident can and will have life changing impact. What I am talking about here is that there are […]

Hangfires, Misfires and Squibs

Hangfires, misfires and squibs are failures to fire due to some problem with the ammunition. If you buy good quality ammo these are pretty rare, but you should know what they are and what to do in case you encounter one. Hangfires Hangfires occur when the primer of the round is hit, but there is […]

The Truth about Magnum Handgun Calibers

By Home Defense Gun staffer Mike If there was ever a family of handguns that was immortalized in a Hollywood movie, it would have to be the Magnum handgun calibers. Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry character was probably responsible for most of the sales of the behemoth 44 Magnum handgun since 1970. Over 40 years later, […]

Massad Ayoob – Shoot to live

Found a great video over on YouTube by Massad Ayoob.  If you have a home defense weapon, carry or are just thinking of getting a weapon for personal and family defense you should watch this video. Massad Ayoob talks about a ton of topics on what happens during a shooting, how to prepare for a […]

Two of a Kind – Paired Pistol Caliber Carbines and Pistols

by Home Defense Gun staffer Pat Somethings belong together. Paired pistol caliber carbines and matching pistols are one of them. I have long believed that a lot of the things that are truly worth knowing were originated in the American West. This runs from animal husbandry to other homesteading skills, and from driving cattle to […]

Getting My Wife to Carry – CCW for Women

by Home Defense Gun staffer Pat CCW for women can be a tough sell. I always find it strange that there seems to be a societal stigma against armed women. Given our country’s frontier legacy, it is safe to say that women have been using firearms of one kind or another to defend cabins, farms, […]

3 Places for a Handgun

Found a great video by Clint Smith on the 3 places for a handgun.  If you are not carrying your pistol in one of the 3 places; you are wrong. In the holster, if the pistol is not needed it should be kept in the holster, safe and secure.  You should be able to draw […]

Striker Fired Pistols

You might think that a striker fired pistol is some sort of exotic weapon. They really are pretty common these days. Most people know of the Glock brand.  Kahr, Springfield Armory, Beretta and others all feature striker fired pistols. The main difference between these and other pistols is they use a striker instead of a […]

Revolver Safety

You probably consider revolvers pretty safe and they are.  At the same time, there are some factors to consider for revolver safety. Revolvers can and will get very warm out on the range after shooting a lot of rounds because of the containment of the force of the round going off.  You want to keep […]

Get a Grip – How to Grip a Pistol

How to grip a pistol is one of the key factors in how accurate you will be.  Improperly gripping the pistol will lead to all sorts of problems including poor shot placement, loosing control of the gun due to recoil and even malfunction of gun and injuring yourself. I am not saying this is the […]

Shooting on the Move

I am guessing that most of you can walk. Also if you are reading this, you probably can shoot. So why is shooting on the move made out to be so difficult?

Home Invasion Survival

One of the last things anyone wants to live through is a home invasion. At the same time you have to prepare if you are going to have a chance at home invasion survival. We have a nice video on somethings to keep in mind.  First of all, you need to know who is the […]

Teaching Kids Gun Safety

Teaching kids gun safety can be one of the greatest things you do for them. First of all, it keeps them safe and teaches a healthy respect for guns. Also it can be a great way for a family to spend time together and grow closer together.  Finally it sure beats them sitting in front […]

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