10 Ways to Protect Your Loved Ones During Home Invasion

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Home invasion is a terrifying situation for anyone. Aside from the terror it gives, it can also lead to beatings, rape or the loss of a loved one. While preventive measures are essential, it’s also important that you prepare yourself in the event that an actual invasion happens. The more prepared you are, the better you can respond to the situation.

As a guide, here are 10 things you can do to protect your family in case of intrusion.

1. Prepare a contingency plan

When you hear someone breaking into your home, the most important thing you should do is to come up with an escape plan. This is where preparation becomes essential. Before a break in actually happens, you should already have a plan in place like where you’ll exit, the family’s rendezvous point and the people you can reach out to.

Your plan must be communicated to and understood by everyone in the family. For better understanding, role playing out the plan can really help, especially if you have kids in the house.

2. Know where your safe room is

This is the first place all family members should go to at the first sign of intrusion. You can establish a safe code or a phrase that, when said, will urge everyone at home to get into the safe room as fast as possible.

The room should have fortified locks, preferably deadbolt locks, that can be shut easily as you enter. There should also be heavy furniture inside the room which you can use to block the door once everyone’s inside. It’s also a good idea to keep spare batteries as well. Preparing a safe room isn’t about being paranoid; it’s one good way of showing how you’re taking home security seriously.

3. Call for help

Keep a separate mobile phone with a dedicated charger ready in your safe room. This is a safer choice than a home phone since its wires can easily be cut. Have the number of your local police in speed dial so you can easily connect with them during an attack.

4. Get a weapon

Get a gun, or any weapon you’re comfortable with. Keep one close to your bed so you can easily grab it on your way out of your room. Just remember to keep it safe, especially if you have kids at home.

5. Leave your valuables behind

Your hard-earned money and valuables can be hard to let go but if you and your family’s life is on the line, it’s best to leave them behind. Gather every family member to a safe escape point instead of focusing on where to hide your valuables.

6. Do not expose yourself

As much as possible, avoid confronting the intruder. If it becomes inevitable, keep yourself in a low position and avoid direct eye to eye contact. Do not make the impression that you’ll start a fight with them. Most intruders and burglars are only after valuable possessions and are likely to leave as soon as they get their hands on them.

7. Use your security system

A security system is one of the best protections you can get against intruders. Unfortunately, a lot of burglars have gotten smarter that they can easily get past through security alarms without triggering them. If your system fails to detect the presence of a stranger at home, you can manually activate your alarm to alert its monitoring station of your situation.

8. Skip your next door neighbor

If you’re able to leave your home, it’s best to put as much space as possible between you and the intruder. This is particularly important if the attacker is after you and not your belongings. If you can, try to reach out to a neighbor’s home that’s several houses away from your property.

9. Use distractions

Momentarily distract the intruder by activating your car’s alarm. If you do not have your car keys near you, think of something that can catch his attention for a while.

A pepper spray is handy during such instances. Inhaling or getting in contact with it can induce around 45 minutes of intense coughing. It can also cause temporary blindness, nausea and disorientation. You can use this time to safely get everyone out of the house.

10. Don’t let fear immobilize you

Fear can paralyze you and that’s when really bad things can happen. Take control of the situation and remain calm. Cooperate with the intruders if confrontation happens but remain vigilant about your safety.


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