Warning Shots

warning shots

Think warning shots are a good idea? Think again.

They gain you no tactical advantage and could very well land you in more legal hot water than actually shooting someone.

Now we aren't lawyers and don't play one on TV. We found a two part series of videos where they go through why tactically warning shots are not a good idea and some legal issues involved.

Take a look and let us know in the comments what you think.


  1. All but one of my handguns has an exposed hammer. That’s your only warning when I thumb it back.

  2. Pierre Ferron says:

    When you hold your handgun, that is an act of legal intent. When shooting you seek incapacitation. If you don’t accept this, hide or run; you’re next.

  3. This was a very good presentation. I hope that I never have to take another persons life to defend myself. I have had a Carry Permit now for 10 years. I carry at all times. Even in my home. I have gotten so comfortable with wearing a sidearm, I seldom notice it’s there. In that time frame I have never had to draw that weapon for self defense. I am proud to say that. It’s there should I need it. If a situation presents it’s self, I would not hesitate to defend myself or those around me. With that said, no I will not fire a warning shot. If I have to draw down on a threat, and said threat doesn’t retreat, I will shoot, aiming for center mass on the perpetrator. The only other comment I can make to anyone who will listen, practice drawing your weapon and firing from the hip. In real life the threat most likely will be moving in your direction. I hope everyone will be safe, but ready to defend themselves if there is no other option.

  4. I enjoyed the video and I pretty much under stood it all and I did agree the a warning shot is just not worth it . And hope that you continue with the video’s

  5. The shot through your co-conspirator’s head should be considered *your* warning shot – act accordingly…

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