What to Do During a Traffic Stop While Concealed Carrying

traffic stop while concealed carrying

We ran a post a while ago about Tips for CCW and a Police Stop. It's such an important topic, we've found another good video on what you can do to make it go easier.

During the video you are going to hear a lot of things that you can do instead of must do. You really do need to know the particular laws of your area. Once you have that out of the way, there are quite a few things you can do to make sure you and the police officer leave going in different directions instead of you in the back of his/her cruiser or even worse in an ambulance.

Check out this video from Armed and Feminine

Photo credit – Armed and Feminine


  1. Tim White Tullahoma Tb says:

    I was involved in a Traffic stop a few weeks ago and i used those same standards by informing the officer I have a carry permit that the weapon was holstered on my right side i kept my hands in plain view at all times and in the end of it i was given a warning for the violation and the officer did thank me for making her aware that i had a carry permit and that it was holstered on my side

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