How to Store a Home Defense Shotgun

how to store a home defense shotgun

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to store a home defense shotgun.

One thing you have to think about with especially pump shotguns is that they are not drop safe. That means if you drop it with a round in the chamber, it can go off. For this reason, most people recommend what is called “Cruiser Ready.” This comes from how a police officer might store a shotgun in their patrol car.

We found a great video from Lucky Gunner Ammo that goes through all this.  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


Photo credit – Lucky Gunner [email protected]


  1. joel tompkins says:

    I think in most cases it can come down to the cost of a weapon and no the weapon it’s self. Some people may not have access to a pistol because of age and for that reason alone a shotgun mat be the only option. that said if that’s not an issue for you that i think it depends on how your home is laid out if you have an open living area than i would go with the shotgun but if not the pistol i think would be a better choice so the intruder is less able to grab it as you move form place to place.

  2. Excellent and informative.

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