Should You Choose a Glock?


The Glock has been around in the States for about 25 years now. It has its fans and haters.

The Glock is a very good handgun for your home defense. Some reasons include:

  • Very reliable and dependable.
  • Easy for the owner to work on and obtain spare parts quickly.
  • Easy to learn to shoot and user friendly to operate.
  • Durable even under abuse.
  • Affordable to buy and obtain extra magazines and obtain spare parts.
  • Trusted by many police departments and other government agencies.
  • and many, many more.

We found a good video that goes over the benefits of a Glock. Check it out.



Photo credit – “ARMS & Hunting 2012 exhibition (474-23)” by Vitaly V. Kuzmin – Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons


  1. Chris St. John says:

    So what are the cons?

  2. Problem with the glock – as is true of ANY handgun – they don’t fit EVERYONE. The glock is a nice firearm, but its large grips, especially in .45 acp or 10mm, are too large for many with short digits. S&W M&Ps or Springfields, on the other hand, break down every bit as easily, fit more hands, take as much abuse, are easily as accurate, and are competitively priced with the glock. As one who sells firearms for a living, I am REALLY tired of this superiority attitude that says that a glock is the only firearm ANYONE needs (I can’t begin to count the number of times glock owners have tried to horn in on, and take over, discussions with my customers – not knowing in most instances that the customer has already HANDLED the glock and decided it didn’t fit them). “Glock perfection” is a marketing slogan, not a statement of reality.

  3. mike spanjer says:

    I love my glock 22

  4. As a retired firearms instructor, cop, and veteran my two cents is that there are a number of quality firearms out there that are equally dependable. I own two Glocks, but also own a Kimber, and Rugers, and have enjoyed shooting MANY others. The key is get ones that fits your hand and that you can use accurately and comfortable. Just do not buy junk, spend a few dollars and get quality. I also drive a Food truck so lets say this argument about what gun you like could go on to Chevy or Dodge. If you get my point

  5. Three people have hit on a key point, does it fit, is it comfortable? I’m a big guy with big hands. 6’3″ 225 and I just cant get over the way the Glock feels in my hand. I own and love my Walther P99 (which I believe has some of the best ergonomics on the market), Ruger SR22, and Sig P938. I’ve owned H&K and plan to again because they too, have some of the best ergonomics on the market. All my pistols are as good or better than a Glock and there is no proof otherwise. I am also a veteran and have been shooting for almost 30 years for what it’s worth.

  6. I do like a handgun with a hammer. I remain somewhat worried about a semi-loaded striker pin behind a live round, no matter what safety is in the gun. I dislike de-cockers. I have a full sized Glock 21and a SAR B6P. Love both.

  7. Use what fits you best. If its a Glock, fine. If not, try out a few other makes/models then decide. For many years, I carried a 1911. Now I carry eIther my Sig P226 or my Glock 17

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